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Are you following me on Twitter?

By Mohnish On March 25, 2009 Under Sensonize, Social Networking

For those who didn’t know yet, I am on Twitter. I am so fond of Twitter that I tweet from my mobile, from my desktop, while I’m having a meal. I’m on Twitter since 3 months now and have attended about 3 tweet ups via Twitter, I mean the BIG Tweet ups. We do have small tweet ups on regular basis and they are hell lot of fun!!


What do I tweet?

  1. Tech
  2. Top News
  3. Random Thoughts
  4. Humor
  5. Popular Stuff
  7. What am I doing

Why should you follow me?

  1. If any of my tweets interest you
  2. If you like my blog
  3. If you need 1 more follower (I follow back)
  4. If you like me

I don’t know why am I giving you guys a reason to follow me lol! I’m extremely active on Twitter, more than Gtalk or IM, we can have a TweetChat if we are online at the same time 🙂 I currently have have over 1553 followers and I am following 1591 tweeps.

Follow me on Twitter


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Farrhad A
    March 26, 2009
    4:44 am #comment-1

    Followin you dude 😉
    Your tweets rock

  2. Monik
    March 26, 2009
    7:40 am #comment-2

    Following you 🙂

  3. Monty
    March 26, 2009
    7:32 pm #comment-3

    I’m following back! 🙂

  4. Free WoW Card
    September 12, 2009
    5:02 pm #comment-4

    Alright I will follow you next time I log into Twitter.

    December 3, 2009
    10:10 am #comment-5

    I too will follow you..

  6. Free WoW Cards
    August 11, 2011
    5:06 pm #comment-6

    Following you now

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