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Archive for the ‘Scam’ Category

Recession Effects on Making Money Online

By Mohnish On May 20, 2009 3 Comments

So what do you think about recession? Increase in unemployment. Selling/Losing of property to pay mortgages and loans. More people losing their jobs will make them do ANYTHING to generate income.

There are good and bad news with this scenario to making money online.

Good News
More people are looking to make money online are willing to do the same jobs at a cheaper/half the price which settled professionals do. This decreases the cost of the entrepreneur/investor and makes him start his business at a low budget. These professionals again lose out on jobs and are willing to compete with newbies and beat their pricing by working for a cheaper price. Again, the beneficent is the entrepreneur. So the best job during recession is of a entrepreneur/investor.

Bad News
There will be an increasing number of scams in making money online. As we are aware that there are still a lot of scammers out there trying to catch potential fish and make an online income, illegally. The people who have lost their jobs are the group of people who are targeted by these scammers because they are ready to do ANYTHING to generate income.

It is beyond us to control these issues but we can always make others aware so that they don’t lose their hard earned money in some online money making scam. Feel free to blog about this even if your blog is not related to making money online and help fight scam!

Affiliate Marketing rocks but CJ sucks!!

By Mohnish On February 20, 2009 14 Comments

Many of you guys might have noticed that I have taken off the CJ ads from the blog because they refuse to pay me the affiliate comission I made. Reason? The advertiser says that transactions worth $15,000+ were fraud!!! I mean c’mon!! FRAUD? When I ask them what do they mean by ‘FRAUD’? They say that those transations were duplicated or were made by illegal sources. I understand their reason of illegal sources but why won’t they pay me if the transactions were dupilicate? I mean c’mon! If they store a cookie into the visitors computer and the vistor orders twice does the transaction become FRAUD? In fact, they should pay me double the amount!!

I was marketing Hostgator and $15,000 from $15,700 something were sales that I made for the popular web host, Hostgator. Now what happens is, many of us know that Hostgator offers a 1 CENT plan which is extremely popular. CJ counted those orders also as ‘FRAUD’ . That is non of my concern what the visitor orders when I send him to Hostgator. He can order the 1 cent plan or he can buy a dedicated server, my commission should be as it was fixed.The waiting time for Hostgator which I believe is 120 days is another negative factor. First they make you wait, then they claim that your transactions were FRAUD! Another negative factor is that you get $100 for a shared web hosting plan and you get the same amount for a dedicated sale. Their major negative point is that it takes about 30 days for CJ to clear the payment from your Indian Bank account. So yes, CJ is full of negative factors and I hardly see any positive factors for Indians or International affiliates.

What is next?
Well, I’m not at all upset about it!! Glad I came to know that CJ is a fraud before I continued sending clients and filled their pockets and waited for my payment which was likely never to come. In India, it takes upto 60 days to verify your transaction + 15 days for them to verify your commissions + 15 days to deliver the cheque and about 30 days for the cheque to clear your bank(The cheuqe is in USD) = 120 days of complete waste of time! I know many Indians make money with CJ, but is the time worth waiting? If you are in direct contact with the company, you can get your payment within 65 days of the transaction and via Paypal.

I will no longer join any Affiliate Companies since I have completely lost hope and trust in them. I joined CJ after seeing the positive responses, but those positive responses were of the people who joined CJ about 1 month back and were happy seeing their ‘Balance’ grow on CJ. Note: CJ adds balance even for the 1 cent/offer sales and then deducts it later, after 60-80 days.

I’m very dissapointed to say that CJ is a BIG SCAM. It might be paying its affiliate users but not all! CJ shows high hopes to newbies of $100/sale(even for the 1 cent plan) and then crashes them later!! If I placed the adbrite ads for 120 days on Sensonize.com, I could have easily made about $1,000 which is a very good amount compared to a double with CJ.

All you guys wasting your time on CJ think over again, is it even worth your time? Good luck!

Rishab Sood? Who? Let me tell you..

By Mohnish On November 18, 2008 8 Comments

The name I am referring to is of Rishabh Sood who claims himself to be a 15 year old scammer.. *cough* blogger(too young). He held his first contest with not a very big but believable prize of an iPod Nano. Nothing great with that since even the screenshot of Nano looked as it was kept at his home. Lots of people believed it…entry requirements were fair as it required us to reveiew his blog. Nothing suspicious upto here. Before announcing the winner, he along side started a second contest too. Now the suspicon rises.

First Point…Winner never commented on the original blog post. (We still believe as requirement was to submit review via email)

Second Point…No url mentioned with the winner’s name. (We still belive — somehow)

Third Point…Someone named CHEATER(Don’t know) mailed the “scamster reporting branch” and some other contest blogs reporting him as a scamster…pointing to two DP threads. Suspicion rises.

Now we started to investigate. On checking the winner announcement post, we found the url of the winner. Blog is new! Only 6-7 Posts though this time earliest post was made in August.(He learned a bit from Ashwin Khanna’s mistakes) Blog has no theme, no category and not even removed default blogroll(But yet to learn a lot). But Rishab Sood manages to defy saying he is waiting for traffic proof. we investigate further. Whois to the rescue.

Whois of the winner’s blog : Details as follows:

Registered at Namecheap
Created on 21-6-2008
Name: Viresh Vasu aka FGH aka TSF
Email: vireshvasu@gmail.com

Address: A-2, C.P. New Delhi, India.
PinCode: 110049
Ph: 9818025446
Fax: +1.5555555555
Hosted at virtuosohost.com

Whois on Rishab Sood’s Blog : Details as follows:

Registered at Namecheap
Created on 26-07-2008
Name: Rishabh Sood
Email: sood1992@gmail.com

Address: 46/1, 3rd floor Gautam Nagar, New Delhi, India
PinCode: 110049
Ph: 9868164136
Hosted at virtuosohost.com

Now both have same registrar(can be), same host(still), same country(can be), same city(ohhh) and even same pincode(amazing similarity)

Tried Hosting Company (Oh my God)

Registered at Namecheap
Created on 05-03-2008
Name: Virtuoso Host, Rob. S
Email: rob@virtuosohost.com

Address: A-31 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
PinCode: 110029
Ph: 9818025446
Fax: +1.5555555555

Phone number and fax number of hosting company’s support and winner blog are same!!!!!!!!

So Winner is the owner of Hosting company and Rishab Sood’s blog is hosted there only!

Checked the DP thread. Whois of the hosting company mentioned there revealed Private Info used but atleast main registrar ENOM is same as above.


Registered at ENOM(Sub Registrar hidden)
Created on 29-05-2007
Rest of Info hidden as private

Domain is now Parked.

Email: tsffthbnpg@whoisprivacyprotect.com (BTW WhoisPrivacyProtect.com company manages private registrations for Namecheap)

And for more reports on Cheating, check these 2 DP threads:



I wanted to be sure and investigated further. I even searched google for Virtusohost.com and find out the real owners of the hosting company.

And look what I found:


VirtusoHost Member asking people to review his own blog: Rishabhsood.net
This is final. He is the owner of health-figure.com, virtusohost.com and rishabhsood.net
So he is not giving the prize to anybody. Ban him and his emails and domains. From our finding these are his sites:

virtusohost.com (Scam Host)
rishabhsood.net (RishabSood.net? I mean c’mon.. lets visit SEOTHEBLOG.COM, lol)
superhosterz.com (Scam Host)
mastiarea.com (Warez Site)

He holds 2 Accounts at DP:

http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=48413 – Banned

http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=41533 – Banned

Email address: hotantivirus@gmail.com – lol

Now Do you need more proofs to say that Rishab is cheating in the open? And if you will agree with me, take down all links and posts related to Rishabh Sood and let his blog’s popularity go down. A Blogger(So called) who has a Warez site, scams, steals content and is only 15 years old.. What should be done with him? I’ll tell you: Don’t participate in any of his contests. Ban all above emails from your blog’s comment systems. Never trust Rishab Sood! Do not buy anything from him or subcribe to his fake RSS Feeds.

Let’s see what Rishab Sood has to say in his defence!

Source: Scamster Inc
Investigation done by: Scamster Inc

Rishab Sood has been sensonized as SCAM!

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PaidHosts.com Review

By Mohnish On August 12, 2008 2 Comments

Not as “Promising” as they promised.
I had bought a PaidHosts plan on 4th July 2008, Got rid of it on 13th July!
Why? Tried it for a week, My site was down for 5-6 hours a DAY! They said they allowed Proxies and RapidLeech. I wasn’t hosting any of them. Just a simple “HTML” Script which dint require a SQL Database nor a Huge Server. Total Bandwidth used in these 9 days was 200 GB!+ How?! Well, I got really “pissed” with this hoster who promised me a 99% Uptime and 24×7 Support, He came online once a day for about 30 mins and I had to wait for him to reply my Ticket or PM(This really PISSED ME OFF!!) I was well with him for about 4 days, accepted all the non-sense he said about moving servers etc.. But what do I see on day 5? My A/c was “Hacked”. His Server is so damn UNSECURE that anyone could hack in.. I opened a ticket via his site and asked for a Cpanel password reset.. He began asking me stupid questions like – “Whats my IP?” Dammit he owns the site! Can’t he see it ?! – Day 6, I get my account’s password resetted(Really annoyed now). Guess what I did for the next 3 days.. Asked for a refund, and he told me that he wouldn’t refund my money – I was like WTF?! WHY?! I haven’t even used 5 mb of Bandwidth in 7 days. He said they offer a refund only within 7 days. I lost my head! Opened a Paypal dispute – Uploaded Rapidshare Premium Script with 3 RS accounts(They had almost 50 GB BW Each!) – Since everything was Unmetered and RapidLeech was allowed, I got my chance to make my money worth which was spent on this STUPID HOST! My Rapidshare Premium Site was up(Still down for almost 4-6 hrs/day) for almost 2-3 days..Made almost $35-$40 from the ads in 3 DAYS! :O I was like WTF?! OMG!? Never made that much in a week! haha! The Total Transfer in 3 days was almost 200 GB+(Leeching and giving the file to the user). Thats it, one of my worst experiences with web hosts 🙂

Pay2Surf.net Review

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 No Comments

Today I’m gonna review Pay2Surf.Net which is a PTC(Paid to Click) Site..So Far, I have found this site the HIGHEST Price Per Click.You view 1 ad, Minimum 10 cents are credited in your account! 😀 If you are referred via someone, eg: Sensonize.com you can get upto 20 cents/click on Special Hours.
Payout is via Paypal(Verified) or AlertPay(Verified).Total Paid  $20,100 and around 35,000 Members! 200 online at once making huge bucks! I am one of the 200! 😛 I have made $15 in a week and I have around 4 referrals clicking ads too(20-40% of referrals revenue get creditted). Payout is at $40(you can make $40 in MAX. 3 weeks). So for now, I will keep this sites review on HOLD until I get paid.
To register and make upto $0.20/click visit the below Banner and start earning ! 🙂

Edited on 1st Nov 2008:
This site is scam! Doesn’t pay ! DO NOT JOIN!