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Archive for the ‘Tips and Tricks’ Category

How to update your Facebook Status from Google+

By Mohnish On July 9, 2011 4 Comments

So now you are on Google+, Facebook and Twitter and struggling to keep all of them updated with pretty much the same updates. I prefer being on Google Plus more because it is much more cleaner than Facebook (Well, at least for now). Being said that, I am struggling to post my status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus separately.  There’s already an application available for fetching Twitter updates and posting them to Facebook, but what about getting updates from Google+? (I could post an update to Google Plus –> (sent to) Facebook –> (sent to) Twitter at the same time!)

The trick is simple. As some of us who are already on G+ know that we can insert an email id or circle whom we want to share a particular update with. So that’s what we do here, we share the update with our Facebook email address and it gets posted.

Step 1:

Visit https://www.facebook.com/mobile/ and copy the email address under “Upload via Email”. It would be something like xyz123abc@m.facebook.com . (NOTE: Do not give this email id out to anybody, it is an unique email id given to you by Facebook. If anyone gets this email id, that person could update your Facebook status)

Step 2:

Now paste the email address in the space where you need to add ‘Circle’ or Email id in the Google+ update box. It would look something like this…

That’s it! Hit the share button! The update would be posted to Facebook. You could also add the email address to one of your circles whom you share most of your updates with and it would be shared on Facebook as well. You could also create another circle just for Facebook updates with the email id.

Also, if you still aren’t on Google+, I’m giving out invites here.

How to add the Facebook Share button

By Mohnish On October 19, 2009 17 Comments

Do you see the Retweet button the right side of this post? —>
The power tiny button on your page is to tweet the pages you like automatically, without copy pasting the URL and title. In just 2 clicks you can tweet the page you like to your followers.

Now, there is a button like this available for Facebook as well! Extremely simple to install and simpler to use it. In a click, you can share any page that has the button on Facebook!

How to Install it?
To manually install the plugin on a page, you need to use a javascript code. You can get the code from here: http://www.fbshare.me/

You can also download the WordPress version of the plugin from here (click)

Testing it live: Help me test the plugin and post your input in the comments please.

Thank you! 🙂

Get a free PR 10 back link

By Mohnish On June 7, 2009 141 Comments

I ain’t kidding about this! You can get a free PR 10 backlink at no cost! and guess where does the link comes from? The same place where Page Rank does – Google.com!

First of all, let me clarify that this isn’t black hat or illegal. This is a plain simple way of getting a PR 10 backlink, just like you get a back link normally.

Have you heard about Google Profiles? Yes the service which allows you to create a web page with your details. Guess what? It also allows you to add a do follow link! This can’t get any better!  I’m not sure if Google yet knows about this, but you can definitely take the benefit of this till then 😉

Steps to get a PR 10 back link

  1. Get a Google account (skip if you already have one)
  2. Create your Google profile
  3. Add a url to your profile

Done! You now have a backlink from a PR 10 website, Google.com. The benefit of this is, whether your have other websites linking to you or not, you will definitely have a PR1+ rank for sure! 😉

Evil Alexa Ranking

By Mohnish On March 21, 2009 28 Comments

Do you know how is your Alexa rank calculated?  Alexa rank is not calculated on your page rank, google analytics or any other stats! It is calculated on the number of visitors that visit your website with the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. I never believed this until I did some research and found more on this.

Evil way to increase your Alexa Rank
This might be one of the only blogs that might give you this method. As I mentioned above, Alexa ranking depends on the number of visitors you get with the Alexa toolbar installed, hence the visit is not a unique visit. Alexa toolbar doesn’t check the IP and counts 1 refresh as a visitor.

1) Install the Alexa Toolbar

2) Install the Auto Refresh Firefox Addon

3) Open your website and turn on auto refresher
Longer auto refresher is on, the better. Open it in atleast 10 tabs for 10x speed. Keep the refresher at minimum 10 seconds.

4) Do this everyday for 1-2 hours
Depending on your speed and the time you do it everyday, your alexa rank will rise faster and faster. ( Rise = lower in number)

This is what Alexa is! People feel proud of being in top 100,000 Alexa but it is really worthless! I can get there by having a blank website, so can you 👿 Advertisers fall for the Alexa gimmick. It is not always that way, many websites have a legit Alexa Rank.

Sensonize.com has an Alexa rank of 118,784.. Interested in advertising, anyone? 👿

Evil way to make commentators subscribe to your blog

By Mohnish On March 19, 2009 7 Comments

Not exactly subscribe to your blog, but subscribe to your blog comments. I was just browsing the WordPress plugins directory to checkout some new plugins which could be useful for my blog. I found the plugin Subscribe to Comments 2.1 which is an amazing plugin if you are running a blog which gets alot of comments on your articles or a blog which gets a few (like Sensonize.com).

Using this plugin the good way
You can use this plugin in 2 ways. 1 is the good way which would be simply installing the plugin and allowing your commentators to choose if they would like to subscribe or do it yourself for them 👿 This good way will make readers subscribe and stay, the evil way might make them unsubscribe and never visit your blog again.

Using this plugin the evil way
The people who have been following me on Twitter, know exactly how evil am I lol. Lets get started –

1) Install the plugin
Installing the plugin is really simple, if your using WordPress 2.7.1 just search for “Subscribe Comments” and install it. If your doing it the manual way: download the plugin, upload it in wp-content/plugins and extract it, then activate it from your WordPress Admin Panel.

2) Tweaking some codes
This is really simple. Once your done installing the plugin, login to your Cpanel or any other panel you use File Manager and open the wordpress directory you have installed your wordpress blog in. Then open: domain.com/wp-content/plugins/subscribe-to-comments After you have done the above you will see a 50.41 KB file named subscribe-to-comments.php. Right click on it (in Cpanel 11) and click “Edit”. Once your there, Press Control + F(find) in Firefox and it will open a search box. In the search box search for: This is the text that is displayed for users who are NOT subscribed. You will see that line highlighted on that long page full of codes.

Just few lines below that you will see a code like this:
<input type=”checkbox” name=”subscribe” id=”subscribe” value=”subscribe” checked=”no” style=”width: auto;” <?php if ( $checked_status ) echo ‘checked=”checked” ‘; ?>/>

Replace it with:
<input type=”checkbox” name=”subscribe” id=”subscribe” value=”subscribe” checked=”yes” style=”width: auto;” <?php if ( $checked_status ) echo ‘checked=”checked” ‘; ?>/>

All I did in the above code was, changed checked="no" to checked="yes"


Now the visitors that leave comments to your blog will automatically get subscribed to the blog post they have commented on. This is a good way to make them subscribe to blog posts without letting them come to know 😉 But yes, a visitor can uncheck the subscription option in the comment box if he/she wants.


  1. It subscribes the commentator to a single blog post and informs him/her about the new comments.
  2. The  commentator will visit your blog again to see what has been posted and will also reply to the comments.
  3. The commentator will also subscribe to your blog if you have quality posts.
  4. You can also add text in the email – Eg: There are new comments on so-and-so post, please check back and give your feedback and also add a line below that: “If you like reading my blog, do subscribe to my RSS feeds”
  5. Your blog becomes more active and gets feedback from the visitors that like your blog and would leave comments back again and again.


  1. That commentator might not come back if he is bombarded with alot of emails for a single post.
  2. The good way can gain you readers but the evil way will just make you lose readers.

My suggestion would be to use the good way if you get 5+ comments on your blog posts. If you get less than 5 comments on your blog posts, use the evil way! 👿