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From where has all this traffic come? My Targets…

By Mohnish On November 17, 2008 Under Blogging, Sensonize

So basically the question is, from where is all this traffic coming?
All this traffic is from Social Bookmarking sites like Stumble and Digg.

I made 3 Targets:
1) Get huge traffic
2) Get atleast 100 subscribers before the end of this month
3) Make my visitors comment as much as I can

Target 1)
My 1st mission was to get as much traffic as I could. Why do people visit blogs? The answer is – “CONTENT” ..I get down to thinking thinking and thinking and I finally get an idea ! I was watching TV and there was this show coming up – Bindass Live! .The slogan of this show is “Speak your frekkin mind”. I saw the entire show(with the commercial breaks, lol) and the point I caught on the show was a one liner – “Humor, Entertainment and S*x Sells!”.

Okay my mission #1 was accomplished! I found the topic I searching for – Humor and Entertainment. My mission #2 was to publish an article which would be entertaining as well as loved by my readers BUT related to webmasters.. Well.. I went out Googling if I could find a link to this.. and yes! I did.. “Google” was the answer to everything! I published my article soon – Google ‘Suggests’ Stereotypes.

Mission #3 – Get visitors to read my content. Where could I get them? umm.. ahh.. Let me guess – Social Bookmarking Sites! I started bookmarking my article in Social Networks and guess what? The results are before you 🙂 There are almost 200 users online on the blog on average 🙂

I get almost 10k + Visitors/day just from Social Bookmarking sites and it feels great! I have achieved 1/3 of my target and still 2 more are left. I will update you’ll by 2nd of December about my targets and if I achieved them or not, till then do help me achieve my targets by subscribing to my RSS Feeds and commenting on my articles! 😀 and remember – Humor, Entertainment and S*x Sells! 😉


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  1. A ChooseandWatch
    November 21, 2008
    12:16 am #comment-1

    I don’t get it why do you like John Chow? John Chow seems really arrogant and most of his posts were spammish he was promoting products that he got direct commissions off of even when he didn’t use them himself, he still promote them. He got banned from Digg and Google – so I don’t think he’s getting traffic from google at least. Look up John Chow on Google and you’ll see he got banned manually by Google for trying to google bomb the index.

    His claims about his traffic aren’t true, and his rss subscribership is actually less because initially he had got people to sign up for his rss in exchange for mention on his blog post roll. He’s probably getting traffic from those links anyways. But yea there are better role models – john chow is annoying, but that’s my opinion.

  2. Monty
    November 21, 2008
    12:23 am #comment-2

    Hmm .. I dint know that he was banned by google and digg ! lol.. Okay I change my roll model.. =) Any suggestions ? 😛

  3. Monty
    November 21, 2008
    12:49 am #comment-3

    Okay Chooseandwatch.. Ive updated my post and there is no more Chow lol Cheers ! 😀

  4. Reviewer Kings
    June 9, 2009
    2:46 am #comment-4

    WoW that a lot of visitor for social sites

  5. Kenn
    July 2, 2009
    3:05 pm #comment-5

    I agree with A ChooseandWatch. Nice post.

  6. amy @ printernetbook
    July 25, 2011
    1:07 am #comment-6

    10k + Visitors/day just from Social Bookmarking is not easy but if can get it, wow amazing

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