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Make Money Online with YouTube

By Mohnish On November 22, 2009 Under Make Money Online

Youtube — The most popular video hosting service on the internet. Many people have already taken benefit of it’s popularity and have shown their talents to the world. Many businesses who use Youtube to increase their market reach. Many talented individuals have made their names in the Music industry by just posting a video on Youtube. Here are 6 ways to make money from Youtube:

1. Video Units. This is the easiest way to make money online with Youtube. All you need to do is login to your Adsense account and link it with your Youtube account. Then customize the videos and

2. Run affiliate ads on YouTube videos. You can place links on your videos or put them in the description. I’m sure you have seen those floating links on videos.

3. Provide regular quality video content. Perhaps, you can become a ‘premium’ publisher and Google will split ad revenues with you.

4. Start a video blog or site that features various YouTube content. These blogs and sites can be anything from cute animal videos to craft tutorials. Then, run relevant ads and affiliate programmes on your blog or site.

5. Accept direct ads on your YouTube content. If you upload your own videos on a regular basis and you have a decent following, you might want to accept ads on your videos.

6. Enrich your sales using YouTube videos. If you sell an item on an online shop and you are able to compliment your listings with YouTube videos, then it will be useful. Also, you can link to your sales page on your YouTube. This might help bring video viewers to visit your sales page.

So, do you use YouTube at all in your online business? Can you think of other ways to use YouTube videos to help you to make money online?

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    42 Comments Add yours

    1. AgentMango | PC Holics
      November 22, 2009
      8:23 am #comment-1

      I’ve tried youtube + Affiliate links and it works. Particularly a pay per lead one. Also I used blackhat t promote my videos.

    2. Monik
      November 22, 2009
      9:30 am #comment-2

      Most Give up in starting on Getting No Success so to succeed you’ve got to have strong determination. Nice post 🙂

    3. Bill
      November 22, 2009
      6:20 pm #comment-3

      I enjoyed your article very much. As an avid Internet Marketer myself I am always looking for ways to make money working online!

    4. FiveStarAffiliate
      November 23, 2009
      12:29 am #comment-4

      Youtube marketing is one of the best ways to promote CPA offers! with videos you connect to the visitors at a different level of trust. There are so many ways how you can leverage the traffic of youtube, take them to your offer page and make them to perform an action.

      As always the content is the key. 🙂

    5. Janet
      November 23, 2009
      3:13 am #comment-5

      I utilize Youtube in just about every one of my blog posts! You’ve provided a fantastic list of ways to make them work for blogs! Gotta tell you, one of my blogs http://www.AuctionMediaPress.com – I use your #6 on it ALL THE TIME! Ideal for cashing in! Here’s a tip I don’t share with too many people. I make a web page for individual items, post the individual items on local craigslist with a link back to my photo and more info. Then I take the collection of photos and put them together for a slide show! So people can see what other stuff I have too.l

    6. Nick
      November 23, 2009
      1:22 pm #comment-6

      The alexa rank of youtube tells you its importance in online money making. I am reading good information on how to promote on youtube and having good success.

      Google Money Kit

    7. Bali Accommodation
      November 24, 2009
      1:48 am #comment-7

      Wow…i was thinking before, how we can make money from youtube. So is that mean, by embeding the youtube video into our blog can increase our revenue?

    8. Longines La Grande Classique
      November 25, 2009
      3:24 am #comment-8

      The alexa rank of youtube tells you its importance in online money making.

    9. Longines
      November 25, 2009
      3:24 am #comment-9

      Youtube marketing is one of the best ways to promote CPA offers!

    10. Net Millionaire
      November 25, 2009
      5:57 am #comment-10

      Yes, youtube advertising makes easy money. I use it to promote my sites and I find it very essential and beneficial.

    11. Free Xbox Live Codes
      November 29, 2009
      8:26 pm #comment-11

      It’s increasingly harder to make money on youtube. It’s getting so full and youtube just allows the content now.

    12. Stuart
      December 2, 2009
      7:04 am #comment-12


      Youtube is a great way to get exposure for you and your business. I use it all the time.

      Great post,

      All the best,

      Stuart Nunn

    13. HOST MACRO
      December 3, 2009
      9:43 am #comment-13

      Thanks dude the information.

    14. Start Your Internet Business
      December 18, 2009
      2:40 am #comment-14

      @ Bali Accomodation.

      No your revenue will not increase by adding yt vids to your site, you create a video and add your URL within it. You can however, add the vid to your site and promote the video which may increase the views.

    15. Xbox LIVE
      December 22, 2009
      7:27 pm #comment-15

      Youtube is a great way to gain traffic to your website or blog and a good way to advocate sales.

    16. Free WoW
      December 31, 2009
      6:34 pm #comment-16

      YouTube is a great way to get traffic but it’s becoming harder now as more people are doing the same over time.

    17. Free Nintendo Points
      January 1, 2010
      7:37 pm #comment-17

      People need to start developing tactics now if that want to have success on YouTube as there is competition there.

    18. Great way to market if you can make it so your videos don’t get deleted. That’s always going to be a problem if you don’t know how to get around it. Once you find a way to keep your accounts from getting banned you’ll be golden to advertise on youtube.

    19. Xbox Live Codes For Free
      January 4, 2010
      4:49 am #comment-19

      I know that Youtube used to be a pretty good way in the past, but recently has gotten saturated depending on your keyword. If you do have a rare niche, you have a better chance of standing out from the others. If not you’re just one out of a million unless you’re video gets deleted outright, or you know you’re stuff when it comes to SEO.

    20. Free WoW Time
      January 7, 2010
      6:39 pm #comment-20

      Hell yeah! Youtube is awesome… Just make as many vids as you possible can and you WILL get noticed!

    21. Free WoW
      January 9, 2010
      3:26 pm #comment-21

      Sounds cool. but adsense doesnt really make me money. I have quit using that.

    22. UGG Boots
      January 31, 2010
      10:54 am #comment-22

      You can however, add the vid to your site and promote the video which may increase the views.

    23. PSN Cards
      February 10, 2010
      6:16 pm #comment-23

      Youtube is a great way to make money online! I have used many methods and they all usually work despite them being used by so many people.

    24. webwhiz
      March 27, 2010
      2:48 am #comment-24

      I use youtube to get traffic to my site. Its really cool and worked for me.

    25. Internet Money Maker Blog
      May 11, 2010
      12:41 pm #comment-25

      Good job on sharing this information. For all those skeptics this can be a very effective method but like all tactics you must put a little effort in to achieve long term benefits. the fatal flaw with many people is that they believe that for a method to be good it should require no effort from themselves.

    26. Watch The Boondocks Online
      May 25, 2010
      11:57 am #comment-26

      I think a lot of the time with youtube you need to get lucky, unless you have a place where you can generate guaranteed traffic for your videos getting it noticed can be a long shot

    27. http://sudokusolver.info
      June 7, 2010
      2:13 pm #comment-27

      I still havent really gotten into utube, I know im way behid but I do hear good things about it, maybe something I should explore

    28. Richard
      June 11, 2010
      4:57 am #comment-28

      Most Give up in starting on Getting No Success so to succeed you’ve got to have strong determination. Nice post ! Thanks.

    29. vignesh
      July 16, 2010
      12:10 pm #comment-29

      really very nice post…) now i am going to earn money through youtube with my adsense account

    30. Xbox Live for Free
      July 21, 2010
      10:26 pm #comment-30

      Nice post. I just hope I can get apartnership soon.

    31. Ryan
      August 15, 2010
      4:13 pm #comment-31

      Are you kidding me? This is so lame…

    32. Saeco
      September 16, 2010
      10:07 am #comment-32

      Ryan why do you think this is Lame?

    33. PSN Card Codes for Free
      October 31, 2010
      12:42 am #comment-33

      Yeah I like using youtube to make money online but orginality stands out more

    34. Free iTunes Cards
      November 26, 2010
      2:27 pm #comment-34

      Timing is also important to uploading YouTube videos. I admit my most popular videos aren’t original content, but I got to post them first.

      As an example I posted a trailer for a video game that has almost three times as many views as the same trailer from the company’s official channel. Then I’d just do a cross-sell with my own website or ad that I want to promote.

    35. iTunes
      December 2, 2010
      10:53 pm #comment-35

      I have constantly used Youtube to help marketing…but the problem nowadays is that there are SO MANY Videos that it is difficult to even get recognized. I think to really become successful on youtube, you need to have promoted videos. But that is just my opinion.

    36. Free Ultimate Game Cards
      June 6, 2011
      3:48 pm #comment-36

      youtube is indeed a great way to make money!

    37. Best Get Paid To Sites
      June 6, 2011
      3:51 pm #comment-37

      Im trying to make some money using youtube rite now too…

    38. come2watch
      October 22, 2011
      5:26 am #comment-38

      I love such kind of informative blogs

    39. come2watch
      October 22, 2011
      5:28 am #comment-39

      Have great stuff and would like to come again

    40. sciatica cure
      November 28, 2011
      11:39 pm #comment-40

      yes you definately need strong determination and dedication to succeed onlie, its not as easy as people may say

    41. iPage
      December 8, 2011
      10:32 am #comment-41

      This is an eye opener for me. I have been thinking of creating blogs to earn money but now here is another option for me. Can anyone teach me how to be approved by Google adsense using youtube videos? thanks

    42. Daniele
      October 13, 2012
      6:48 pm #comment-42

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