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Posts Tagged ‘6 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About’

6 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About

By Mohnish On February 28, 2009 2 Comments

Even the best writers/bloggers run into writer blocks. If this happens to you, here are 6 things you should do when you have nothing to do blog about. If you have anymore things that you would like to add, feel free to add them in the comments.

1) Check The Comments
When I have a writers block, the first thing I do is check the comments. I get many blog post ideas going through them and this is one of the best way to know what are my readers willing to read.

2) Check out other blogs in your niche
With more than 1,75,000 bloggers being added daily to the blogosphere , I’m sure you would find something to blog about easily! How do you find quality blogs? Google your keyword or checkout Technorati. I’m sure you’ll come up with 100’s of quality blogs which have quality content. Either you rewrite the content or make up your own content by selecting a topic/post title 🙂

3) Look into your archives
I’m sure you must have got many posts which have got no comments at all! Just update the date and you have a brand new article! (Evil me.. Muwahaha 👿 ). Currently Sensonize.com has 127 posts, how many of you have read each and everyone? It would be really easy for me to change the date and bring a post back on top 👿 But I wouldn’t suggest this, a better way would be to rewrite the post or make an update about it 🙂

4) Check your email
With 1,000’s of email forwards everyday, I’m sure you would find a topic to blog about or maybe your readers are mailing you with their questions. Answering them as a blog post would be the best way to answer them 😉

5) Forums of your Niche
Forums like DigitalPoint and SitePoint have thousands of posts and threads everyday(For me), check them out and I’m sure you would find something of your topic to blog about 😉

6) Twitter/Social Networking Websites
When the above ways fail, take a break and login to Twitter or any other social networking website. You might just find a new topic on Twitter 😉 It is believed that Twitter Search is as powerful as Google Search and has all the new topics in the blogosphere listed before! Use Twitter Search to find topics about your niche. Twitter Search is an extremely powerful tool for bloggers and writers.

If the above 6 ways don’t work, climb a mountain and do yoga! (Trust me, this works! I got this post by doing it lol)