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Posts Tagged ‘Adsense v/s Adbrite’

Adsense v/s Adbrite

By Mohnish On February 22, 2009 33 Comments

With Adsense spamming the web with LK Advani and Shaadi.com ads, I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss this topic.

Adsense v/s Adbrite

Lets face it – Many.. Oh wait! Not many.. Almost all webmasters/bloggers believe that Adsense is the best. But do they know why? There is no reason to this, they just like it because of high PPC rates. But what are the benefits? Let me tell you, except the high PPC rates there are NO benefits! Now lets see the good side of Adbrite and the negative side of Adsense:

1) Adbrite allows you to select your keywords. Yes! You don’t need to blog or make a website about the highest paying keywords(Like Adsense), you just need to select the keywords you think your readers would be interested in having a look at. Example: You run a free image sharing website with ads over it(Read the last point if you really have an image sharing website). Adsense will show the ads with the keywords: “free, sharing, website” and your domain name. Where as, Adbrite will show the ads that you think your visitors would be interested in. We take the same example, a free image sharing website: Now what do you think? Why are people using your service? One simple reason: Its FREE! So basically your traffic category falls into the freebie category and about 75% your visitors would be likely interested in “Making Money Online”, which is a high PPC keyword. Just select the keywords with the highest paying keywords and your done! Adbrite will show the ads of your selected keywords, unlikely Adsense showing Ads according to your location. (Since I’m from India, I only see LK Advani or Shaadi.com ads on Adsense Ads. How bad is that?!)

2) Adbrite has Inline and Full Page ads. These two are the major postive points about Adbrite. If your running a high traffic website or a one which allows the user to download, upload and share files the full page and inline text ads are the BEST! Instead of using only captcha you could use these ads + captcha and make money by allowing the user to download the file(s) 😉 This ad is best recommended for Image/File hosting websites.

3) Payout is at $5!!! WOW! Adbrite pays out is at only $5 which is pretty cool. But they use the Net-60 payment meathod which requires the publisher to wait for 60 days from the date of generation of the click value. I’m all cool about this, I can select my payout from $5 – $xxxx. Which ever I am comforable with. In Adsense you need to reach $100 which is easily achiveable BUT If you achive it in the wrong way or if your CTR is above 10.. You are BANNED! This is not with Adbrite 🙂

4) PPC Value: We all know that Adsense offers a very good PPC value, however, same can be achieved with Adbrite. As I mentioned above,  select the (highest paying) keywords you think are good for you and see the same PPC value as Adsense. Trust me, I’ve tried it! I got upto $1.26 for a click. Thats seriously crazy!

5) Monetize your images. You can monetize your images with Adbrite. How cool is that?!?! Benefits of this? Many visitors try to click on the image or rip off your work but you will still make money off this 😉 I found this feature of Adbrite a killer one!! Even if a user tries to rip off your image or tries to right click and copy the location, you are being paid 😉 Tomorrow if someone has your copyright image on his/her blog, don’t worry.. You have been paid for it! 😉 Thats not it, If the user copy pastes your complete article the ad is going with it 😛

I believe there are many more features in Adsense and Adbrite both but I have tried my level best to cover up the major positive/negative factors of both. But I strongly recommend Adbrite.

Now you choose – Adsense or Adbrite ?