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Evil Affiliate Marketing

By Mohnish On February 20, 2009 9 Comments

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is simple: Refer a buyer to the seller and get a cut of the sales.The problem is sometimes a reader won’t click on the affiliate link right away. However, instead of coming back to your blog to find the affiliate link, they just directly enter the URL of the seller and buy the product. The seller made a sale but you just lost an affiliate commission.

This is the reason why I always hide my affiliate links. You will see my affiliate products name as it is with an internal link, but when it redirects to my affiliate link it loads the page before leaving the website. I.e My affiliate link is never revealed until the destination is reached completely 😉

Once you get a reader to visit the affiliate site, your affiliate cookie/ID will be set on their computer. Once the cookie is set, you don’t have to worry if the reader doesn’t buy or sign up right away. They can even leave the site and come back another day (even if they don’t use your affiliate URL anymore). As long as they make a purchase before the cookie expires, you’ll get your cut of the sale. Most affiliate programs offer a 30 to 90 day cookie.

Embedding The Cookie With An IFrame

An iFrame allows you to embed another HTML page inside the current web page. What you do is load the affiliate page into your current page with an iFrame but make the iFrame so small that the readers can’t see it. Here is the code to do it.

<iframe src=”http://your-affiliate-url.com” width=”1″ height=”1″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

The above code opens up the targeted affiliate link in a tiny 1×1 pixel window within your website. The window is so small that it is not visible to your visitor but the cookie gets set! 😉

Now you can say “Hey! Buy Hostgator web hosting for 1 cent” without using your affiliate link in your post but you will still get your commission 😉

Yes, this is a very evil way to set an affiliate cookie on a reader’s computer. Because of the evilness, not all affiliate programs will allow you to do this. You need to check with the program to make sure they allow the embedding of an invisible iFrame. Most affiliate programs won’t allow this and will ban you if you try it.

Affiliate Marketing – What does it mean?

By Mohnish On January 15, 2009 2 Comments

What is Affiliate Marketing?
In my opinion, affiliate marketing means the way you present a product for a company and make money when your product is purchased.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing?
There are several ways to make money online with affiliate marketing.. I will target the main ones in this post.

1)  Website/ Content
What is basically a website/content method of  affiliate marketing? It means that you own a website which has quality visitors, good content and you blog/post about products or a certain niche and add your affiliate links/banners in them. Eg: JohnChow.com

2) Search Engine Marketing
Now what is search engine marketing? This can be done in 2 ways –

A) Buy Adwords/Premium Ads of a particular network and link it to your affiliate with a keyword. So what does this mean? When someone searches for your product keyword(eg. Web Hosting) your affiliate link comes up on the top! If the person who is searching for web hosting and your affiliate link is on the first page you will make money outta it for sure.. this is because, that person is in need of webhosting and is 99% going to buy it if your product is reputted! So spending $x/click for a keyword and making $100 confirmed is a good method of Search Engine Affiliate Marketing 😉

B) SE Marketing with your website.. The best example I could give you is my website – Webhostingoffers.org. Now how this work? 2 things are important in this one.. 1) DOMAIN 2) CONTENT. If you have a good domain and content this is the BEST WAY for affiliate marketing which hardly costs you $5-6/month for hosting and $10/year for your domain. But be careful, many affiliate companies are against this method.

3) Email Marketing
Nothing special about this one.. people offer free downloads/products and make people sign up then bombard them with spam emails containing affiliate links.

There are many more ways, but the above 3 ways are widely used. If you know anymore feel free to post below. I will do more research on Affiliate Marketing and update you guys 🙂 Till then, post your reviews and opinions on Affiliate Marketing and how you make money off it 😉