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Posts Tagged ‘Affiliates’

Evil Affiliate Marketing

By Mohnish On February 20, 2009 9 Comments

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is simple: Refer a buyer to the seller and get a cut of the sales.The problem is sometimes a reader won’t click on the affiliate link right away. However, instead of coming back to your blog to find the affiliate link, they just directly enter the URL of the seller and buy the product. The seller made a sale but you just lost an affiliate commission.

This is the reason why I always hide my affiliate links. You will see my affiliate products name as it is with an internal link, but when it redirects to my affiliate link it loads the page before leaving the website. I.e My affiliate link is never revealed until the destination is reached completely 😉

Once you get a reader to visit the affiliate site, your affiliate cookie/ID will be set on their computer. Once the cookie is set, you don’t have to worry if the reader doesn’t buy or sign up right away. They can even leave the site and come back another day (even if they don’t use your affiliate URL anymore). As long as they make a purchase before the cookie expires, you’ll get your cut of the sale. Most affiliate programs offer a 30 to 90 day cookie.

Embedding The Cookie With An IFrame

An iFrame allows you to embed another HTML page inside the current web page. What you do is load the affiliate page into your current page with an iFrame but make the iFrame so small that the readers can’t see it. Here is the code to do it.

<iframe src=”http://your-affiliate-url.com” width=”1″ height=”1″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

The above code opens up the targeted affiliate link in a tiny 1×1 pixel window within your website. The window is so small that it is not visible to your visitor but the cookie gets set! 😉

Now you can say “Hey! Buy Hostgator web hosting for 1 cent” without using your affiliate link in your post but you will still get your commission 😉

Yes, this is a very evil way to set an affiliate cookie on a reader’s computer. Because of the evilness, not all affiliate programs will allow you to do this. You need to check with the program to make sure they allow the embedding of an invisible iFrame. Most affiliate programs won’t allow this and will ban you if you try it.

Did I just hit the $10k mark? My secrets…

By Mohnish On January 18, 2009 3 Comments

BOOHOO! I hit the $10k mark on CJ! Ive made sales of $10,698.96 from all my websites on CJ.. 😀 But these are just sales that I made over all in the past 2 and half months.. I hope commissions are more or equal to this :P  So let me share my affiliate marketing secret today and how I made $10k worth sales within 2.5 months. I just hope that this continues forever.. 😀

My product will be Hostgator Web Hosting which I choose from my favorite affiliate network – CJ.com 🙂 I choose this product because “Web Hosting” and “Host Gator” are reputed keywords and have a good PPC value.

Many people believe that the only way you could make money is with PPC networks. Don’t depend on income from a single source… Tomorrow if that source bans you(eg. Adsense), you will be left with no income at all! Please don’t apply this logic with your daily routine job, you might lose that one too! lol Instead of making money only with PPCs why not make quality Affiliate websites and make double the money? (PPC + Affiliate sales)

Step OneThe Domain!
First thing what you should do is to check out which domains are available on your keywords. My keyword is “Hostgator Web Hosting”, get the best domain that suits your product. I will use the Google Keyword Tool. I have got a huge list of keywords. So now I know which keyword is Googled the most about web hosting. Remember: You need to work a little bit hard to get visitors from search engines, but I will tell you about that later on. Make sure that you choose a dot com or dot net domain. Next is web hosting (I use Hostgator). Choose the correct web hosting for you which loads in all countries and can hold high traffic.

Step Two – Your Search Term!
Just make sure that your sure about your search term. My search term is “Hostgator Web Hosting”. Thats not it.. Some people search for various keywords which may be related to your keyword but doesn’t come in your domain.. So if someone searches for “Hostgator Hosting January Promo” your website wont make it to the 1st page. But you don’t have the keywords “January or Promo” so how will your website feature on the 1st page? For this you need to add some articles related to web hosting about which I will tell you later on in this article.

Step Three – Content of your website!
Google loves wordpress. But are you done with the buying the domain and hosting? I use Name.com for buying the domain and hostgator for web hosting. Now you have a wordpress website and you are ready to go! Your wordpress website theme should be nice and cool.. should not be too loud nor too light. Must be colorful and content must be visible. As far as website content matters, did you collect your articles on web hosting? Now what you do is a bit of “cheating”.. yep.. You time stamp those articles.. 😀 Show them like they were posted way back in 2005 and so on. How does this help? Google doesn’t see the WhoIS of your website, it only reads the publishing date of your article and content, older the content higher rank on your keyword(You must have seen XYZ.com which is not at all relevant to the keyword come on top of the search, this is because of the content age). Now make a post with your affiliate banners and little bit of content. My product is hostgator web hosting so I will list their uptime, space, bandwidth features etc. Also make categories and tags like “Hostgator Web Hosting for $4.99 January Discount, Coupon” Add names of months if your product has a different promo for every month. Make sure you link keywords from your (time stamped)articles to your post with the banners 😉

Add another page for another product related to your 1st product once you start getting traffic. Since my 1st product is Hostgator web hosting, my 2nd product could be Lunar Pages Web Hosting (Only do this if you start getting 1 – 3 sales a day). Now you have a lot of time .. so why not add a Contact us page and a About me page stating that your website started 2-3 years back and some details about you and your product 😉 This would help your visitors gain trust in you and also contact you for queries.. I’m sure you don’t wanna lose those *extra* bucks, eh? 😉

The Secret!
In 3 easy steps I taught you to reach the top of google without working hard. So what is the secret? Well.. There is no secret 😀 This my friend, is what people call “Affiliate Marketing” 😀 Yep.. You will get the same content in the ebook which says “Make $10,000 online with affiliates in 10 days” on DP. But let me tell you the reason why your website is coming up in the Google ranks – 1) Your using wordpress and as I mentioned above, Google loves WordPress! 2)Your site is now 100% relevant to your keyword! 😀 Now just wait for few days and watch your bank balance grow..

Next is what?â„¢
Make more websites like these and make money online. Then maybe after a few months start your own blog and teach people how to make money online 😉 Affiliate marketing is 100 x more time and money saving than PPC networks. So *beep* PPC networks and make serious cash with affiliate marketing!

Good Luck!
Written by Monty from Sensonize.com 🙂