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My first Magpie payout – $78.40

By Mohnish On August 9, 2009 20 Comments

4 months after joining Magpie (Twitter Publisher and Ad Network), I have some good news! I have finally got my first payout. The payout was instant as soon as I requested it. I got the amount within 60 seconds into my Paypal account 🙂

magpie1 If you noticed, my last tweet was 4 months later. I had made about 38 Euros in Magpie in the first month itself (back in April 09) and had stopped using it because my followers felt it was spam. 4 months later, I get an offer from Magpie which offered me $25 for ONE tweet (I needed 50 Euros to cash out). I thought over this..then I said why not? It’s only one tweet, and the returns are good. I went ahead and posted the tweet. 24 hours later, I had $78 in my Magpie account ready to be cashed out. Not bad eh?..My secret? There are no secrets apart from quality tweeting. I tweeted quality content, got followers, and it later on got paid for it.

Some tips for new Magpie users:

If you noticed in the above screenshot…I have only tweeted PER VIEW tweets. Though I could have tweeted affiliate tweets/per click tweets but then…I don’t see much results except for a spammed time line. You’re best deal would be PER VIEW Tweets since they are maximum one per day and their payouts are higher and confirmed.

What are you waiting for? BE A MAGPIE NOW!