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.CN for $0.99!

By Mohnish On December 10, 2008 5 Comments

When it comes to the LOWEST prices and the best quality we have only one name in our mind – Name.com 😉 They started with offering the CHEAPEST domain pricing and are back with it! Not with .com and .net domains but this time with CN. CN domains have surpassed NET and DE TLDs this year and are currently ranked at #2 in the most widely used domain list. This is the BEST offer Name.com could have EVER come with!

I’m not sure about this but a friend of mine told me that CN TLD works only on China servers. Maybe China is just trying to lift up their economy 😉 Many people don’t understand Chinese language.. in fact I don’t know it myself! 😐 So what do I do now? I have a simple solution – Santrex.net Services offer web hosting on China Servers which is AMAZINGLY FAST! (No I’m not being paid for posting this.. I’m just sharing my knowledge). So what are you waiting for? Grab a few CN domains before they are gone 😉 I’ll grab some too – But I’m hoping for Name.com to get their amazing $5.99 domain pricing back! 😀 Cheers!