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The 100 Dollar Trick – How to decode and remove the footer of any wordpress theme

By Mohnish On September 2, 2008 3 Comments

Omg.. This title is soooooooooooooo looooong! This is my first and might be the BEST 100 dollar trick! 😉
You must have noticed the footer links added and encoded in 99% of wordpress themes.. Trust me.. I HATE IT!! Removing them is really simple.. You don’t need any PHP knowledge, no coding knowledge and 100% No Software!

Ok.. Let me waste some time.. I’m not gonna tell ya so easily! 😛
The language they are encoded in? – Interesting.. You don’t need to know this..
How were they encoded? – More Interesting.. You don’t need to know this either..
Who made the design? – You don’t care.. You don’t need to know that too!

So now,
What do you need to know?!
You just need to know how to use your mouse for copying and pasting! 😛

So here is your footer:

<—  Footer —->


<!—  Footer —-!>

If you see the above code.. Your encoded part is between <—  Footer —-> and <!—  Footer —-!>.
To decode this.. Its very very simple.
1) Apply the skin design on your blog.
2) Open your blog
3) Check the source code
4) Copy the text between <—  Footer —-> and <!—  Footer —-!>
5) Replace it with the encoded text in the footer.php file and save it.

5 easy steps to decode any footer and remove the links 😉
I hope you like this easy idea to remove the annoying footer links from the bottom! 😉

Thanks for reading at Sensonize.com