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Digital Point is under attack! – Live Report!

By Mohnish On November 25, 2008 10 Comments

As we all know Digital Point – The best webmaster forum in the entire world which was reported to be worlds biggest online scam market with newbies having cash in their paypal accounts and roaming around. We also brought news about Shawn Hogan stuffin’ home made cookies into members computers. Now, we bring you HOT LIVE NEWS: Its under attack! Whoa! ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK! Possible Reasons: Idiotic Mods BANNING the good guys and leaving the scammers open. This had to happen one day.

We bring you a live report directly from DP :-
Monty: Hi LazyBum.. Could you please update us about the recent spamming on DP Forums?
LazyBum: Hey.. The spamming has been HUGE! Over 50k threads have been created within no time! Its a terrible situation here
Monty: Oh ****! So what are the mods doing ?
LazyBum: The mods are clearing the spam and buffalo is roaring and kicking those spammers out!
Monty: So what are the possible reasons for this attack?
LazyBum: Possible reason is DP Mods banning people for no reason!
Monty: By when can we expect everything to be normal?
LazyBum: As soon as Shawn wakes up and stops stuffin’ his home made cookies. 😛
Monty: Any other Errors caused due to this spam attack?
LazyBum: Yes,  alot of database errors and downtime. Recently there was a database loss and Shawn dint have a recent backup. A few thousand members lost their accounts. DP is having alot of downtime, I doubt if the forum would last long. Ddos attacks have also been witnessed.
Monty: Thanks LazyBum for the live report.. This is Monty from Sensonize.com with reporter LazyBum signing off!

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