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Get free backlinks! Link Exchange!

By Mohnish On November 4, 2008 No Comments

Sensonize.com isn’t a strong blog as yet, But I thought over this.. and I have finally come out with a solution.  If my readers help me, Sensonize can get PR 3 on the next PR update. This process is pretty simple and clean. Its called “Link Exchange” 😉 . Now, what is link exchange ? Link exchange simply means exchanging links with another website with the permission of the owner. But on Sensonize.. You don’t need my permission 😉 All you have to do is, make a blog post linking to an article on Sensonize.com, thats it! 😀 You will get a free back link to your blog for life, instantly! If you want more of them? Just link more articles on your blog. This proccess is called “Link Exchange” if done manually, or “Trackbacks” if its done my way 😉 More blogs/websites Sensonize.com is linked to stronger it gets and stronger your link with us 😉 If you have back links with strong websites, your PR increases faster and so does your Alexa Rank.

There is another way you could get back links, but these links really don’t matter much to you.. but to the blog your commenting on. Yes, commenting increases the blogs inlinks but doesn’t benefit much to the commenter since its just a 1 way link 🙂

Try your best to get as many trackbacks as possible to get a good PR and quality visitors 🙂 To get you started, we have a contest going on with prizes worth $200! You can blog about our contest and get a free trackback(s) + get points! and who knows.. you might win the contest as well 😉
Note: I have just linked my article to the word “contest” 😀 Check out the comments on the contest article and you will understand what is a trackback 😉