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Monetize your images

By Mohnish On March 7, 2009 3 Comments

This is a very unique article and I guarantee it has NEVER been published on any blog before. Make sure your subscribed to my blog for more unique stuff like this.

Can you monetize your images? The answer is, Yes! Not only monetize them, but also save them from being ripped off and make money while you protect your images.

1) How to monetize my images?
If you read my article Adsense v/s Adbrite, in the 5th point I mentioned monetizing your images with Adbrite. There are alot of benefits of this, in my point of view and I hardly see any negative points which may harm anyone. All you need to do is just Sign up for Adbrite, select BritePic, Paste the image URL and select the keywords you like and hit generate! Your done! In 4 simple steps you could start making money off your images.

2) How will this protect the images?
You just need to enter the image URL and it will generate a code in javascript or in non-javascript format. The best part is, until someone doesn’t know basic html or knows how to see the source of a website he cannot rip your image off! I.e download it to his computer then reupload it. The only way would be to copy paste the image to his website directly with the ad on the image. Another way would be to screen shot the image and rip it off.

3) EVIL ways to make money from this
2 ways to make maximum revenue out of this would be an Image Hosting Website or if you’re really famous on websites like Myspace etc (Where you can make HTML wall posts). If you’re really EVIL like me, you would use it for an image hosting website by providing users maximum security of their images and making money off it! 😉 Since the images would be very difficult to rip off, users should be happy to see their images extremely safe! A much more EVIL way would have been hosting a celebrity gossip blog with all the images protected with BritePic. Plus Point? The visitors (on celeb gossip blogs) usually try to save the images to their computers but before they do that, they will have to go through the ads 😉

If you own an image hosting website which uses Mihalism Multi Host I could probably help you monetize your images. Just use the contact form and I’ll get back to you asap.

Sample Image: