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Posts Tagged ‘Referrals’

Pay2Surf.net Review

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 No Comments

Today I’m gonna review Pay2Surf.Net which is a PTC(Paid to Click) Site..So Far, I have found this site the HIGHEST Price Per Click.You view 1 ad, Minimum 10 cents are credited in your account! 😀 If you are referred via someone, eg: Sensonize.com you can get upto 20 cents/click on Special Hours.
Payout is via Paypal(Verified) or AlertPay(Verified).Total Paid  $20,100 and around 35,000 Members! 200 online at once making huge bucks! I am one of the 200! 😛 I have made $15 in a week and I have around 4 referrals clicking ads too(20-40% of referrals revenue get creditted). Payout is at $40(you can make $40 in MAX. 3 weeks). So for now, I will keep this sites review on HOLD until I get paid.
To register and make upto $0.20/click visit the below Banner and start earning ! 🙂

Edited on 1st Nov 2008:
This site is scam! Doesn’t pay ! DO NOT JOIN!

Google Adsense

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 5 Comments

What is Google Adsense?
Google AdSense matches ads to your site’s content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them.

Adsense for content?
Adsense for content is used on Blogs/Forums/Websites which have Articles or information posted,like Sensonize.com. Though we don’t have ads on our site now, But we will soon!

Adsense for Referrals?
Adsense has retired referrals but it was really useful! 🙂
Earnings with Referrals was REALLY hard! but I always loved the Mozilla Firefox referral! 😉

Adsense for Search?
Get Google Results on your site + earn money?
Add search option to your site with Google Adsense Search and earn money!

Adsense for Mobile?
Have a mobile website? AdSense can help you earn money from your content with a simple, integrated solution.

Adsense Ads load faster than other PPC Networks + You have choice of choosing colors and also websites you wouldn’t like to display in your ads(competitors).

Earning money with Adsense has made life easy! Quality Ads + Good Click Price = Happy Publisher ! 🙂 Publishers are happy because they make money easily and Advertisers are happy because they get unique visitors via Adwords for a cheap price! 🙂