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Can you’ll hear me people?!!

By Mohnish On November 15, 2008 10 Comments

Hello? Mic check.. 123.. Are you reading my blog? Well, if you noticed.. Sensonize.com has got more than 35,000 REAL Visitors OVER NIGHT! I’m so happy getting all these visitors 😀 Ive beaten John Chow over night.. Whoa ! 😀 But thats not enough for me 🙁 Your reading my articles and “some” of you(around 1%) are leaving their comments back. C’mon guys! Your comments are important to me and so are your RSS Subscribtions 😉 So do subscribe to the RSS Feeds via Email to get daily updates directly in your mailbox!

There is another update which I would like to share with you.. I have added “Top Commentors Widget” 😀 So.. What does this mean and how does this help? This top commentors widget is like the Blog Roll, but free! All you have to do is make some nice comments on my blog and get a back link on EVERY PAGE of Sensonize.com. Currently almost 300 pages have been listed on Google.. so grab this golden chance until your competetors are sleeping and get over 300 backlinks on Google! 😀 Get commenting ! 😉

How is all this being supported? 35k visitors over night and what about webhosting and stuff? (Subscribe to my RSS –>)

Hosting a blog which gets so much traffic overnight isnt easy at all! My article – Who is hosting the big guys? made me think of changing my host and I contacted my current host(TmzHosting.com). They said that there was no problem with the over night traffic I got and they were happy to see my site grow. If I would have been hosted with any other hoster(even hostgator) they would have kicked me off for having  1300+ users online ! So if your looking for quality webhosting, go for Tmzhosting 🙂

Blogging Idol 2 is on and a fellow blogger of mine is participating in this contest. Her name is Suzanne Franco and she is an amazing blogger! Just drop by to SuzanneFranco.com and subscribe to her RSS and help her win.

We have a New Skin!!

By Mohnish On August 31, 2008 2 Comments

Yeah thats right,
I got so damn pissed with the previous buggy skin and I just switched over to a nice cool looking one! 😀
I hope everyone enjoys the site browsing faster and reading better! 😉

There are only 1% chances of you finding this sexy skin! 😀


NameCheap.com 48 hour Offer – Domains at $5.99 – Special Coupon

By Mohnish On August 15, 2008 No Comments

$5.99 .com and .net transfers!! For the next 48 hrs you can transfer your .com and .net domains to us for just $5.99. This offer includes free WhoisGuard plus a free SSL certificate. You can use coupon code: TRANSCHEAP to take advantage of this special offer. Transfer your domains today, you will also have 1 year of registration added to whatever time you have left at your current registrar free of charge!


Thanks to NameCheap.com for this Offer ! 🙂

Free ZoneAlarm ForceField (One year licence) – Today Only!

By Mohnish On August 13, 2008 5 Comments

Get Complete Browser Security with ZoneAlarm® ForceField™
Works great as an extra layer of protection to any security product
Protects your identity by blocking phishers and stopping keyloggers
Blocks unauthorized downloads and software installations
Erases your surfing history for complete privacy

Visit: http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/free/sum/index.html

Thanks ZoneAlaram for this offer :-)

PaidHosts.com Review

By Mohnish On August 12, 2008 2 Comments

Not as “Promising” as they promised.
I had bought a PaidHosts plan on 4th July 2008, Got rid of it on 13th July!
Why? Tried it for a week, My site was down for 5-6 hours a DAY! They said they allowed Proxies and RapidLeech. I wasn’t hosting any of them. Just a simple “HTML” Script which dint require a SQL Database nor a Huge Server. Total Bandwidth used in these 9 days was 200 GB!+ How?! Well, I got really “pissed” with this hoster who promised me a 99% Uptime and 24×7 Support, He came online once a day for about 30 mins and I had to wait for him to reply my Ticket or PM(This really PISSED ME OFF!!) I was well with him for about 4 days, accepted all the non-sense he said about moving servers etc.. But what do I see on day 5? My A/c was “Hacked”. His Server is so damn UNSECURE that anyone could hack in.. I opened a ticket via his site and asked for a Cpanel password reset.. He began asking me stupid questions like – “Whats my IP?” Dammit he owns the site! Can’t he see it ?! – Day 6, I get my account’s password resetted(Really annoyed now). Guess what I did for the next 3 days.. Asked for a refund, and he told me that he wouldn’t refund my money – I was like WTF?! WHY?! I haven’t even used 5 mb of Bandwidth in 7 days. He said they offer a refund only within 7 days. I lost my head! Opened a Paypal dispute – Uploaded Rapidshare Premium Script with 3 RS accounts(They had almost 50 GB BW Each!) – Since everything was Unmetered and RapidLeech was allowed, I got my chance to make my money worth which was spent on this STUPID HOST! My Rapidshare Premium Site was up(Still down for almost 4-6 hrs/day) for almost 2-3 days..Made almost $35-$40 from the ads in 3 DAYS! :O I was like WTF?! OMG!? Never made that much in a week! haha! The Total Transfer in 3 days was almost 200 GB+(Leeching and giving the file to the user). Thats it, one of my worst experiences with web hosts 🙂