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Posts Tagged ‘Suzanne Franco’

WOW: Websites of the week

By Mohnish On December 2, 2008 No Comments

Ive been extremely LAZY for posting website of the week. It was WOD(Website of the day) before but now Ive changed it to WOW(Websites of the week). In this category I will share website(s) and articles with everyone which I have discovered/liked in the past week 🙂 So WOW from 1st – 7th December are as follows:


Some of the sites featured here in the past to help you convert and download YouTube videos to a format of your choice have been discontinued, or are reporting various problems. So here’s a new portal to save your favourite videos to your PC. Simply post the video link, select the format of your choice (MPG, MOV, DVD, MP4, 3GP, MP3, WAV, FLV), and click the ‘convert’ button. The free resource will soon let you download the movie clip.


It’s a common situation in offices: You have got a PDF file, you need to convert it to an MS-Word file, and there’s no software installed on the PC to do the job.

Head over to today’s site, where all you have to do is select your .pdf file and click the ‘Convert and Download’ button to get it in the .doc format. Quick and easy!

SuzanneFranco.com Review 101 on Infectedbybugs.com

I loved the review posted by Shannon. It is a PERFECT detailed review which every blogger would love to hear from a blogging pro like Shannon 😉 Shannon review SuzanneFranco.com from tip to toe… he covered each and every point in a clean and decent way, which I loved.

Thats it for the week guys, ill post more next week 😉 To get your sites listed for next weeks WOW post them below as comments 🙂 If I like them, they will be here next week! 😀

Like Sensonize.com? Do subscribe to the RSS! 😀

Blogging Idol 2 Winner Declared

By Mohnish On December 2, 2008 No Comments

Daniel today announced the winner of Blogging Idol 2, Daily Blog Tips recent blog competition which had over $4,500 in prize money up for grabs.

The winners were :

  1. Happy Schools Blog
  2. Suzanne Franco
  3. Tofugu

Suzanne Franco was incredibly unlucky not to take first place. Suzanne managed to tie first place with 3 points however the rules stipulated that in the event of a tie breaker the winner would be the blog with the largest RSS subscriber gain and over the 4 weeks Happy Schools Blog went from 1468 subscribers to 2692.

My commiserations go to Suzanne but I’m sure her second prize of an annual subscription to Trackur and $300 in text links will cheer her up. Also, congratulations to Happy Schools Blog as well, a 1000+ increase in subscribers in 4 weeks is no easy feat :)

Link : Blogging Idol 2: We Have A Winner