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Posts Tagged ‘Top Commentators’

Evil ways to get comments

By Mohnish On February 16, 2009 12 Comments

I’m so fed up waiting for comments that I’ve now decided to do it the ‘Evil’ way. I have tried all the ways to get comments from visitors but its been a big FAIL. For those who are not evil like me, you can see my previous blog post about getting comments the legit way.

Buy the comments
You can pay people to comment on your blog or dangle the carrot in front of them with a reply contest. I hosted a contest on Sensonize.com when it was new and easily got 20 comments 😉

The main problem with a reply to contest is it only generates comments to one post. It looks very strange to see one post with a bunch of comments and the rest with none. The solution would be to give commentators additional entries if they leave a comment in another post.

Make a commenting gang/group
For all those who yet don’t know about this, join digg! On Digg and many social networking websites friends/users make a group to Digg/Fav/Stumble etc each others submitted links which is amazingly the best way to get up.

Be Your Own Top Commentator
If all else fail then it’s time for you to be the top commentator. Make up an alias and reply to your own post. Now you may think this is dishonest but in marketing, perception is everything and the perception is a blog without any comments is not a happening blog.

I’ve seen blog posts where the blogger asked a question from his readers. A couple of days later I got back and there’s zero comments to the question. That does not look good. If you are going to ask a question from your readership and there’s no reply, then answer it yourself with an alias. Having one comment on there is better than having none. That one comment may be all that’s needed to get the comment ball rolling. If you’re really evil, you’ll set up a bunch of aliases and really make the blog come to life. Remember, perception is everything.

Being Evil is not bad! 👿

Top 10 WordPress Plugins by Monty

By Mohnish On November 14, 2008 4 Comments

I don’t know about others, but according to me.. these are the TOP 10 WordPress Plugins that a blogger needs 🙂

1) Akismet
To stop the daily increasing spam and to keep your blog neat and clean. A spam blocker is needed and Akismet is a perfect plugin to stop spam and non relevant comments on your blog 🙂

2) Sociable
To allow your readers bookmark their favorite social bookmarking site! This also helps you get huge back links 😉

3) WP Super Cache
Have alot of readers and not enough server resources? Or are you on a shared web hosting and your host does not allow you to host big sites.. This plugin will help you decrease the server load by almost 50-60%!

4) Yet Another Related Post Plugin
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site

5) Register Plus
Enhance your Registration Page. Allow users to set their password, setup invite code and track sign ups.

6) Top Commentators Widget
Just like a blogroll.. allow your visitors add a backlink in your Top Comments Widget by commenting on your blog! What do they get? They get a backlink to their site on every page as long as they are top commentators of your blog 😉

7) CommentLuv
Pass a bit of luv onto your commenters by providing a titled link to their last blog post. This plugin attempts to parse the feed of the comment author by visiting their site and looking for their feed while they type their comment and appends it once they submit.

8) Recent Comments
This plugin shows excerpts of the latest comments and/or trackbacks in your sidebar. The benefit about this plugin is that it allows your regular commentors get backlinks on Search Engines 😉

9) Subscribe Remind
With the Subscribe-Remind plugin, some text will automatically be placed at the end of each of your posts inviting your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed.

10) Comment Approval Notification
The Comment Approval Notification plugin will send an email to the comment author when you approve their comment.

This was according to me, but I’m sure there might be way more plugins to increase your readers and make your blog better 🙂

Thank you for reading at Sensonize.com and do Subscribe to my feeds via email! 😀