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Posts Tagged ‘Websites of the Week!’

WOD: KeepWinterCool.com.au

By Mohnish On August 28, 2008 No Comments

Today’s site, www.keepwintercool.com.au, is a game designed by Australian computer animation students aimed at helping  children understand ways they can reduce their impact on climate change. Designed for students aged 6-12 years old, it requests the player to be a hero and save black balloons by performing a number of energy-saving actions, such as switching off lights and appliances before the snowman melts because of the effects of climate change.

WOD: MultiGames.com

By Mohnish On August 26, 2008 No Comments

Today’s site, www.multigames.com, is as much for the Web gamer, as it is for game developers. Multigames allows people to upload and share flash games. Developers are encouraged to share their latest creations and have members give them creative and constructive feedback. Content, of course, is shared for free. To make navigation easier, the games are also divided into various genres, with sections pointing out newest additions and most popular games. Check it out.

WOD: PatternCooler.com

By Mohnish On August 24, 2008 2 Comments

Today’s site, www.patterncooler.com, is a simple online tool to create background images. The portal hosts a large collection of patterns, which you can alter to your needs using an easy interface.

A handy tool for Web designers and blog owners.

WOD: PageTiki.com

By Mohnish On August 23, 2008 No Comments

Do you have Web pages you check routinely and like to keep an eye on? Today’s site, www.pagetiki.com, is a simple and free application that  helps you monitor Web sites and notifies you when they change.

Updated by email or RSS feeds, this is one handy tool.

Website of the Day

By Mohnish On August 22, 2008 No Comments

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering what can I post everyday? Which is simple easy(for me,lol) and helpful to everyone 😕
So I thought..People like to explore new websites and Sensonize will be their explorer 😉

From today, A new day, A new website will be posted!

To get your website posted here please send an email to wod@sensonize.com