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Posts Tagged ‘Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money By Blogging’

Why Bloggers Fail To Make Money By Blogging

By Mohnish On April 15, 2009 10 Comments

Lets face it, 98% of the blogs are a failure. If your blog makes $100 per month, your doing better than 98% of 120 million blogs. Pretty sad, huh? One thing is for sure, it is not because of the lack of information on the internet. But still, a vast majority of bloggers don’t make anything. Why?

They don’t take it seriously

Most of the bloggers start their blogs for fun and not for making money online. Thats how Sensonize dot com started. I created this blog to ramble about other blogs, social media, whats going on the internet and reviews. Basically, just for fun. As a matter of fact, I did not make any money from Sensonize dot com for the first 6 months. Well, I don’t make much money out of Sensonize dot com as yet.

Many bloggers don’t take their blogs seriously and blog just for fun. Many just give it a try. If its successful, great! If its not, oh well. With that kind of attitude it is not hard to understand which 98% of the bloggers don’t make anything from their blogs.

No Investment

This is the number one reason not to take your blog seriously. With services like Blogspot, you literally start with zero dollars. If you want a professional look, a domain cost $8.95 a year and hosting can be a low few dollars a month.

The low investment also means that you don’t have much, or anything, to lose. If it doesn’t make you any money, just curse me and move on. It cost you nothing to start so you don’t take it seriously.

If blogging costs $10,000 or more to start, would you be running your blog the same way your running it now? I highly doubt that! Knowing that commitment increases with money, the solution is simple. Put some money into your blog. Buy that domain name, get that professional web hosting account, invest in a custom design, spend some money on promotion, etc. Once you have some money tied into it, you’ll take things a lot more seriously.

Why don’t you make any money out of it

Most of the bloggers treat blogging as a hobby and never get out of the hobby stage. If you really want to make money by blogging, you need to get serious about it and treat your blog like a real business. Blogging is a not a fly by night or get rich quick scheme. Like any business, it take time, money and commitment to build. For the first six months of this blogs life, it made zero and barely got more than 500 page views per day. But I kept at it. I treated the blog like I treated my other businesses. I invested in it, I spent hundreds of dollars improving it and promoting it.

Success is never by accident. All the big money making bloggers didn’t get there by luck or taking the attitude of easy in, easy out. They got there by taking their blogging seriously and treating their blogs like a business. You should too.