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Ways to make money online

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 Under Make Money Online

The name of the game is money and we all want to make more of it no matter how many times we say we don’t want to or don’t care if we do. We would almost not even be human if one of our main goals out of blogging was not to make money.

So today I thought I would briefly list off different ways you can make money online. I believe I created a similar list sometime back but this is just another one as I have added to it I am sure.

And here we go…

  1. Link Sales
  2. Banner Sales
  3. Web design Services
  4. Logo Services
  5. Banner Design Services
  6. Coding Services
  7. Blog Post / Article Writing Services
  8. Buy n Sell Websites
  9. Buy n Sell Domains
  10. Flip Sites
  11. PPC
  12. PTC
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Stand On A Street Corner And Beg (LOL Could Not Resist Sorry)

Its a small list but these are the current ways I actually make money online. I believe with a little practice you can make money the same way and I believe you will be happy with the income you generate.

It really just comes down to how you look at success and how much money is enough money. For me there is never enough but I have learned not to expect so much from people and rather expect more from myself because after all I really only can control myself. Not Others!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Armannd
    February 16, 2009
    7:09 pm #comment-1

    LMAO you actually did this “14. Stand On A Street Corner And Beg (LOL Could Not Resist Sorry).” And it worked! ;]

  2. Monty
    February 16, 2009
    8:57 pm #comment-2

    Haha.. You need marketing for that too 😛 If you act evil like me and say “Will blog for food” I’m sure your gonna get a buck or two haha! 😛

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