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Welcome to Sensonize

By Mohnish On July 30, 2008 Under Sensonize

About Monty:
A 17 year old “boy” as you may call me.. living in a big country – “India”. I am from the financial heart of India – Mumbai! I started making money online when I was 13 with Adsense. I am still in the learning process of  “How to make money online?”. I am not teaching anyone out here, I am here to learn and to share what I learn from others 🙂 The main goal of Sensonize.com is to “Share with each other”. I have NO PLANS to become an online celebrity like John Chow or Tyler Cruz.. I am happy in my own small world, in Mumbai 🙂 So let me describe the place where am I from.. I am from the city of life! People migrate to Mumbai from all over India to work and make money. Even a hawker here makes $1000-$3000 a month 😉 Mumbai has no financial problems and is the best place for anyone who knows how to live life! The life here is extremely fast and crowded. I am glad that I was born and brought up in – Mumbai, the land of dreams…

My family:
I have a small family which has my father who is a business man, my mother who is a house wife and my younger sister who is in high school. Let me tell you a little secret, My real name isn’t Monty. No one online knows my real names except my real friends. Monty is just a nick which resembles my name. My pic? Identity? No one knows it yet.. I will reveal it soon, once I am 18 😉 There is a reason behind this which I will tell you guys later on 🙂

So why do I make money online? I have a home, enough money and a good living… So Why? Well, I made money online first when I was about 13 years old and the amount I made was $117 which is aprox Rs 5000 in India and was double the pocket money I got at that time 😉 I started enjoying this but Google din’t..! It banned my Adsense account stating that my site was harmful for their advertisers. I had a image hosting website with aprox 1000+ images hosted and it was hosted on Hostgator which I bought barely for some bucks, if I remember. Buy anyways, who cares! I really don’t! I am still making money online without Google adsense.. ain’t I ? Over all I’m a fun loving person.. Who loves good food, reading, watching movies, listening to music and partying!

What is Sensonize.com?
Well.. To be honest, I made Sensonize.com for reviews. But it wasn’t enough since the blog needs traffic and a good rank which I could have got only with a good niche. Sensonize.com is a webmaster blog where I, Monty will blog all I know from my experience and all what I read and learn online. I will blog everything related to webmasters – Articles, Online News, Money Making, Tips & Tricks , Reviews and Coupons.. in short everything a webmaster would love reading 😉

Last but not the least, I would like to thank god for gifting me the ability to help others and share my knowledge with everyone 🙂

Sensonize.com Webmaster
-Monty 😉


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