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Adsense v/s Adbrite

By Mohnish On February 22, 2009 Under Make Money Online, Reviews

With Adsense spamming the web with LK Advani and Shaadi.com ads, I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss this topic.

Adsense v/s Adbrite

Lets face it – Many.. Oh wait! Not many.. Almost all webmasters/bloggers believe that Adsense is the best. But do they know why? There is no reason to this, they just like it because of high PPC rates. But what are the benefits? Let me tell you, except the high PPC rates there are NO benefits! Now lets see the good side of Adbrite and the negative side of Adsense:

1) Adbrite allows you to select your keywords. Yes! You don’t need to blog or make a website about the highest paying keywords(Like Adsense), you just need to select the keywords you think your readers would be interested in having a look at. Example: You run a free image sharing website with ads over it(Read the last point if you really have an image sharing website). Adsense will show the ads with the keywords: “free, sharing, website” and your domain name. Where as, Adbrite will show the ads that you think your visitors would be interested in. We take the same example, a free image sharing website: Now what do you think? Why are people using your service? One simple reason: Its FREE! So basically your traffic category falls into the freebie category and about 75% your visitors would be likely interested in “Making Money Online”, which is a high PPC keyword. Just select the keywords with the highest paying keywords and your done! Adbrite will show the ads of your selected keywords, unlikely Adsense showing Ads according to your location. (Since I’m from India, I only see LK Advani or Shaadi.com ads on Adsense Ads. How bad is that?!)

2) Adbrite has Inline and Full Page ads. These two are the major postive points about Adbrite. If your running a high traffic website or a one which allows the user to download, upload and share files the full page and inline text ads are the BEST! Instead of using only captcha you could use these ads + captcha and make money by allowing the user to download the file(s) 😉 This ad is best recommended for Image/File hosting websites.

3) Payout is at $5!!! WOW! Adbrite pays out is at only $5 which is pretty cool. But they use the Net-60 payment meathod which requires the publisher to wait for 60 days from the date of generation of the click value. I’m all cool about this, I can select my payout from $5 – $xxxx. Which ever I am comforable with. In Adsense you need to reach $100 which is easily achiveable BUT If you achive it in the wrong way or if your CTR is above 10.. You are BANNED! This is not with Adbrite 🙂

4) PPC Value: We all know that Adsense offers a very good PPC value, however, same can be achieved with Adbrite. As I mentioned above,  select the (highest paying) keywords you think are good for you and see the same PPC value as Adsense. Trust me, I’ve tried it! I got upto $1.26 for a click. Thats seriously crazy!

5) Monetize your images. You can monetize your images with Adbrite. How cool is that?!?! Benefits of this? Many visitors try to click on the image or rip off your work but you will still make money off this 😉 I found this feature of Adbrite a killer one!! Even if a user tries to rip off your image or tries to right click and copy the location, you are being paid 😉 Tomorrow if someone has your copyright image on his/her blog, don’t worry.. You have been paid for it! 😉 Thats not it, If the user copy pastes your complete article the ad is going with it 😛

I believe there are many more features in Adsense and Adbrite both but I have tried my level best to cover up the major positive/negative factors of both. But I strongly recommend Adbrite.

Now you choose – Adsense or Adbrite ?

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    1. Anonymous
      February 22, 2009 12:58 PM
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      March 3, 2009 1:59 PM

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    1. online marketing blog
      February 28, 2009
      3:27 pm #comment-1

      I use adbirte just for that reason – i get to show ads that my users will click on and will be intersted in.

    2. Monty
      February 28, 2009
      3:51 pm #comment-2

      Yup.. Adsense doesn’t accept my blog(Don’t know why!! and I don’t give a damn!).. I’m all happy with Adbrite.. 🙂 Their only negative point is slow payment.. All the other points are better than Adsense!

    3. Annkur
      March 2, 2009
      8:38 am #comment-3

      Testing Adbrite from today at one of my most popular banner locations.

      This is after google earnings have dropped to 1/3rd in the last 40 days with no much change in hits.

    4. Johnston
      March 3, 2009
      9:53 am #comment-4

      Google earnings have dropped and my traffic has double I cannot help but feel they are rigging/fixing it some way or another, I am going to try Adbrite and see what happens.

      Thanks for the article some good information about an alternative to Google Adsense.

    5. Raju
      March 3, 2009
      1:52 pm #comment-5

      I see ads on HOSTELS on your blog, So you have chosen hostels as your keyword? 😉

    6. Monty
      March 3, 2009
      1:56 pm #comment-6

      @Raju – I have never mentioned the word “Hostels” on my blog. My keywords are – Make Money Online and Web Hosting 🙂

    7. Raju
      March 3, 2009
      6:35 pm #comment-7

      if that is the case then Adbrite #FAIL 😉

    8. Sunny
      March 3, 2009
      6:36 pm #comment-8

      Ha ha .. the moment I added Adbrite (with Google code as the secondary code in Adbrite) – Google earnings shot up instantly … mysteriously …lol

    9. Monty
      March 3, 2009
      6:47 pm #comment-9

      @Raju No, Adbrite = WIN! Adbrite doesn’t select the keywords, the advertisers do! If the advertiser has selected the keyword “Hostel” under category business, it will show up on my blog 😉

      @Sunny LOL

    10. Spam Name Remove
      March 4, 2009
      3:08 am #comment-10

      The reason Adsense is so popular is RELEVANCE. Google, while nowhere near perfect, does better at producing relevant ads and search results than anyone else.

      Taking this post, for example, I bet Adsense would display more relevant ads than what AdBrite is currently showing.

    11. MJ
      March 4, 2009
      3:38 pm #comment-11

      I have issues with adbrite. It takes 24 hrs or more for the ads to appear on my site and one thing only few ads appear also unlike adsense, those ads will appear in few minutes.

    12. Raju
      March 4, 2009
      7:29 pm #comment-12

      i do not like the quality of Adbrite ads to be frank. Most of the times they just display “Advertise on Adbrite”, not enough advertisers?

    13. Monty
      March 5, 2009
      10:31 am #comment-13

      @MJ There are no issues with Adbrite if you choose the correct keywords 🙂

      @Raju Choose the correct keywords and I bet you won’t see it again 🙂

    14. BMW Motorcycles
      March 6, 2009
      7:50 am #comment-14

      Well I think Adsense has a good goodwill, so there are very few new hunters who knows about Adbrite.

    15. BMW Motorcycles
      March 6, 2009
      7:57 am #comment-15

      I was just surfying http://www.shoemoney.com/2009/03/03/why-does-adsense-love-spam-scraper-sites/ & saw your comment & switched to this article.Talking about me specially,new fresh hunters dont know anything except Adsense.

    16. MJ
      March 8, 2009
      7:56 am #comment-16

      Aaron Greenspan Sued Google and Won The Case:


      If you read the article, you will see how they are so mean to their publishers in court. In the end Google paid Aaron $721 including court fees. If you feel being aggravated by google, sue them. 🙂

    17. Monty
      March 8, 2009
      6:25 pm #comment-17

      Yeah I saw that… Google should be sued by all the Publishers who have been banned for no reason.

    18. Internet Strategist
      March 12, 2009
      7:23 pm #comment-18

      I also found my way to your article from Shoemoney’s AdSense post. (See, commenting IS a great way to get new readers to your blog.) I’m glad to see any post on alternatives to AdSense. I’m doing research now so I can share what I find with my readers.

      Google just suspended the AdSense account of one of the most honest people I know. They arbitrarily ban accounts all the time, never give a reason, and I have NEVER seen an appeal they granted. (Still looking – let me know if YOU have ever seen one.

      Google has far too much monopoly power. They could put almost any small business OUT of business any time they fell like it. The solution is to encourage Internet users to use OTHER search engines and independent tools and services.

      If you’re interested in how to grow your blog or business check out the categories in my blog. I share proven strategies that work and warn against those that don’t.

    19. Monty
      March 12, 2009
      10:38 pm #comment-19

      Yup! Commenting is a great way to get traffic 🙂 I’ve got a couple of hits from ShoeMoney (not many about 150).. But thats not bad for just a single comment! 😉


    20. online
      April 5, 2009
      11:13 am #comment-20

      Really Good Article. In adbrite ,we have to insert the keyword in the registration process for any type of site means if i have a sms site then i can insert any keywords there

    21. CPA Arbitrage
      April 29, 2009
      2:44 am #comment-21

      Making money with Adsense it’s becoming harder and harder. Couple of years ago, Adsense program was really hot

      Nowdays, affiliate earnings are much more rewarding. More and more publishers go into CPA networks everyday. Adsense is paying penny per clicks .. Too bad .. I actually enjoyed it while it lasted.

    22. Watch Funny Videos
      May 21, 2009
      4:05 am #comment-22

      I don’t like google adsense they will bann you for nothing

    23. Reviewer Kings
      June 8, 2009
      11:46 pm #comment-23

      good to know thanks for the info

    24. calvin
      October 17, 2009
      4:07 am #comment-24

      I have my adsense account cancelled to change payee information name, now I have trouble to re-applying the adsense account. I decide to try another ppc networking, because I only managed to make a very small profit with adsense.

    25. media junk
      January 16, 2010
      3:45 pm #comment-25

      THis info was more than enough… thank you so much.. really Adsense banned my account n i start with Adbrite no problem at all.. they will support small to high class website.. i’m happy with Adbrite.. chk my site! free music,video,software download.. http://media-junk.blogspot.com/

    26. raghavendra
      February 4, 2010
      12:08 pm #comment-26

      I am really happy with this articles keep going….

    27. Antique Crystal Chandelier
      August 11, 2010
      8:32 pm #comment-27

      great post!
      I own a website myself and im not really sure about which method i should use.. but that cleared my ideas!

      keep it up!!

      ps.: you could make some post about backlink strategies, im having trouble with that

    28. Jayrweblog
      November 24, 2010
      1:47 am #comment-28

      I have adbrite on my blog now, im trying if it works.

    29. new york city movers
      December 28, 2010
      5:59 pm #comment-29

      I recently tried out AdBrite and the ads just didn’t get as much clickthrough as my AdSense ads. And they didn’t pay as much either. I had to switch back after a while.

    30. My adsense account was disabled recently and my appeal rejected for whatever reason.
      I switched to adbrite a few days ago and started getting ads in less than 5 hours. They’re not so relevant yet but I guess it needs a little tweaking and time.. the inline ads option is great as well.

      I haven’t heard about the option of image monetization! Can someone clarify on this a little please?


    31. Never mind, figured out its not supported anymore!


    32. bhagwant
      September 17, 2012
      10:54 am #comment-32

      sir, it is nice post also adsence will not going to accept my blog, so i prefer adbrite, but could you please help me to choose keywords for my blog. As it basically a course work and student helpful blog….and adbrite just show only its own add.

    33. Obasi Miracle
      January 13, 2013
      7:50 pm #comment-33

      This is one of the best post I have ever read about google adsense alternative while I’m being very careful not to get my account disproved , I still find it very reasonable reading about good alternatives

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