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Archive for the ‘Articles’ Category

5 Tips For Building A Successfull Website

By Mohnish On July 22, 2012 8 Comments

1. Design

Having a unique design for your website is very important. The first look of your website should tell the user what will he find here. Avoid using free themes/templates, but also don’t go for paid/premium themes as they are used by multiple websites. For starters, you could hire a designer to get a unique simple theme for $200-250. There’s no need to spend a bomb to get a jaw dropping design for the start.

2. Content

You need to have good content. By “good content”, I mean easy to understand, free and original. Everything is about information and content on the internet. The whole point of the internet is to find useful, relevant and free information. If you’re content is better than the others in the pool, your website will automatically stand out of the crowd.

3. Basic SEO

You don’t have to be a SEO expert to rank higher in search results nor do you have to hire a SEO expert to do that for you. Just do a bit of basic SEO for your website and you should be good to go.

  • optimal and natural usage of keywords
  • include meta title tags
  • simple navigation through out the site
  • provide good link bait article titles
  • include sitemap
  • proper usage of H1, H2 and H3 tags
  • use robots.txt file
  • use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to gain insight on what works and what’s not
  • avoid duplicate content (CMS issue)proper permalink structure
  • use canonical tags.
  • read the Google SEO Starter Guide (PDF).

4. Competitors

Why make enemies when you can make more money by being friends? Your competitors teach you a lot. You can learn from their mistakes and strategies. Win them by making them your mentors, don’t try competing with them while you have just started. Investigate, where is their presence and who is linking to them, etc. They rule your niche right now, learn what they did to  achieve what they are right now.

5. Promotion

Promote your website where ever you can. While meeting people, posting online, comments etc. Just don’t become a spammer.

  • comment on other blogs related to your niche,
  • use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social platform popular at the moment,
  • guest post frequently on well established blogs,
  • be active on forums,
  • pay for ads if you really have to (Adwords).

This will surely get you a good exposure on the internet. If you’ve got the first 4 right, you can’t go wrong.

Wrap up

Of course these 5 tips are not the only one’s to build a successful website. You also need to work on speed (of your website), monetization, building RSS subscribers and readers etc. The above 5 are essential tips to get started. Try, make mistakes, learn is the only way to survive on the internet.

“The internet will not give you anything unless you contribute to it” – Sensonize.com
The above quote only refers to monetary benefit from the internet. It  won’t make you any money useless you help someone else (make money). You can contribute by sharing your knowledge, using social media for recommendations/networking, contibuting content etc. Contribute, to Earn is the basic rule around the internet.

[BREAKING] Facebook adds sidebar

By Mohnish On July 16, 2011 10 Comments

I just noticed the sidebar on Facebook. Don’t know how many of you’ll have got it as yet, but it is one of the worst update Facebook has ever got.  The sidebar basically gets all the real time updates and online contacts you message the most in the sidebar. This is useful to contact people whom you message the most on Facebook/contacted recently or check for updates real time. It’s fast, light and very useful for Facebook users (or stalkers?). You can read more about the Facebook side bar here. Apart from all of this, you can’t see who all are online now.

I guess Facebook is trying really hard to compete with Google+ but this is nothing compared to Google+ in the long run.  Honestly, EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Let’s not compare both the platforms, because if we do, Google+ wins hands down. Facebook sidebar on the other hand is something which I do not want to see on my Facebook home page. It’s just an addition to my home page which was already clutter, Facebook just added to the mess! Also, let us not forget that Google+ launched recently and has only 10 million users, which is a very small number compared to Facebook’s 750 million. Also, I’m sure Google isn’t looking at numbers in the first month itself. We could expect some big numbers and features rolling out on Google+ by Thanks Giving.

Until the Facebook and G+ war goes on, I shall take some popcorn and sit back to watch the fireworks. Let me know what you think about the Facebook sidebar in the comments.


DreamHost Exclusive $97 OFF Coupon – July 2011

By Mohnish On July 9, 2011 6 Comments

My motive to share this EXCLUSIVE coupon with you all is not to make money out of affiliates. I will be making $0 (Yes, I’m resisting!). I am doing this to share this deal with budding bloggers and beginners to kick start their blogs/websites for as low as $22 for the first year (You can always switch next year, no contracts!). So, for just $22, you get an UNLIMITED cPanel hosting account, a domain name + 1 year free private who.is services. Not just beginners who are starting their blogs, this could also be used for bloggers who already have a blog and would like a better and cheaper hosting solution for their blogs.

DreamHost.com provides Shared and VPS and Dedicated Hosting Solutions. DreamHost provides a 97 day money back guarantee and has a uptime of 99% with 24/7/365 day support.  Dreamhost is one of the top recommended web hosting companies for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Dreamhost comes with Unlimited Bandwidth, Domains & Resources so you have enough room for your blog to grow.


As mentioned above — The $97 OFF coupon!

Shared Hosting
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Special DreamHost Coupons/ Discounts:

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Please note: This deal is not valid internationally; which means, many of my Indian readers won’t be able to redeem it. $50 + 1 free domain is the maximum discount allowed if you cannot redeem $97 entirely.

 Do share your DreamHost.com feedback in the comments and let me know what you think about this offer. I have much more in store for you guys! Maybe this offer isn’t much useful to you, but could be useful to your friend – do share it! 

How to update your Facebook Status from Google+

By Mohnish On July 9, 2011 4 Comments

So now you are on Google+, Facebook and Twitter and struggling to keep all of them updated with pretty much the same updates. I prefer being on Google Plus more because it is much more cleaner than Facebook (Well, at least for now). Being said that, I am struggling to post my status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus separately.  There’s already an application available for fetching Twitter updates and posting them to Facebook, but what about getting updates from Google+? (I could post an update to Google Plus –> (sent to) Facebook –> (sent to) Twitter at the same time!)

The trick is simple. As some of us who are already on G+ know that we can insert an email id or circle whom we want to share a particular update with. So that’s what we do here, we share the update with our Facebook email address and it gets posted.

Step 1:

Visit https://www.facebook.com/mobile/ and copy the email address under “Upload via Email”. It would be something like xyz123abc@m.facebook.com . (NOTE: Do not give this email id out to anybody, it is an unique email id given to you by Facebook. If anyone gets this email id, that person could update your Facebook status)

Step 2:

Now paste the email address in the space where you need to add ‘Circle’ or Email id in the Google+ update box. It would look something like this…

That’s it! Hit the share button! The update would be posted to Facebook. You could also add the email address to one of your circles whom you share most of your updates with and it would be shared on Facebook as well. You could also create another circle just for Facebook updates with the email id.

Also, if you still aren’t on Google+, I’m giving out invites here.

Get a Google Plus Invite from Sensonize.com

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 29 Comments

When Google had launched Wave back in November 2009, I had given  Sensonize.com readers free Wave invites. Right now I have limited Google Plus invites with me which I could give away. It’s very easy to get an invite, just follow the steps below!




Steps to get a Google Plus invite:

1) Retweet this post.

2) Tweet to me on Twitter (@sensonize) with your email address or you could also leave a comment below with the tweeted link.
That’s it! I will verify your Retweet and send you an invite.

Also note, this is not a guaranteed invite. I will be sending an invite from my end after verification, but if you do not receive it, you will have to wait for sometime as Google allows me to invite only a limited number of people per hour. And yes, this is purely based on first come first served bases! Hurry, before the invites run out! 😉 

You can also follow me on Twitter if you still aren’t