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Archive for the ‘Google’ Category

Google Friend Connect Review

By Mohnish On December 8, 2008 2 Comments

Many of you’ll must have heard about it… Its just like MyBlogLog but looks like a ‘bit’ advanced. After reading about it on SuzanneFranco.com I thought about giving it a try. I wasn’t ‘impressed’ though as it isn’t anything ‘new’. I would say just a copy of MyBlogLog with a touch of Google. Lets just wait for Google to add more features and widgets to make it better 😀

Let me talk about what it has rather than what it doesn’t 😛 . It has the following widgets: Community, Wall, Review/Rate Page and many more coming soon. So basically this is the combination of Widgets and Google. Its fast, customizable, light and simple! You can also sign in using your Gmail, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account. Google Friend Connect also helps you to get connected with your readers. Features like Connecting with Digg, Stumble ,Facebook and other Social Networking site friends, Inviting your friends etc also come along 😉 . I would suggest you to visit google.com/friendconnect to know more. Ive added the community widget at the bottom, feel free to test it and join me 🙂

I would also like to read your comments and feedback about Google Friend Connect. Is it good? Is it bad? Or Google is just a wannabe? Send me your comments, feedback, love and money @ Sensonize.com 😉

Here is the Official Google Friend Connect video:

Still in BETA*

Google ‘Suggests’ Stereotypes

By Mohnish On November 14, 2008 171 Comments

I noticed something weird on Google Suggest. I was searching something with “Why do…” and I landed up with this article.

Google Suggests Stereotypes

Google Suggests Stereotypes

Google Suggests Stereotypes

Google Suggests Stereotypes

Google Suggests Stereotypes

Google Suggests Stereotypes

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Talk face-to-face right from within Gmail

By Mohnish On November 14, 2008 No Comments

From viewing videos on YouTube to screening family events, people love being able to watch something exactly as it happened. And as webcams have become popular, more and more of us are realizing that video is the next best thing to an in-person conversation. Today Google is introducing Gmail voice and video chat, which lets you have free voice and video conversations right from within Gmail.

Video chatting from Gmail is as easy as sending an instant message. With our team spread out across Google offices in Sweden and the U.S., it’s been really handy in helping us work together. Just click on the new “Video & more” menu in a Gmail chat window and select “Start video chat” or “Start voice chat.” You can switch to a full screen view or pop out the chat window and change the size and positioning as you wish. Of course, not everyone has a webcam, but even if you don’t, you can still have voice conversations alongside your email and regular chat. Take a look at this short video to see more:

Gmail voice and video chat will be rolled out globally over the next day or so for Macs and PCs. The first time you use this feature, you’ll be prompted to download and install a small plugin. To get started, visit http://www.gmail.com/videochat or click on the “Options” menu in a Gmail chat window and choose “Add voice/video chat.” Find out more on our Gmail Blog.

Google is at it again! Youtube sponsored videos

By Mohnish On November 13, 2008 No Comments

With 13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and millions of viewers watching hundreds of millions of videos every day, the popularity of YouTube can be a mixed blessing for users. While it’s easier to get your 15 minutes of fame (or more, depending on who you are), it can be difficult for people to find your video in the first place, even if it’s exactly what they’re looking for.

So how does Sponsored Videos work? Easy-to-use automated tools allow content owners to decide where they’d like their videos to appear, place bids in an automated online auction, and set daily spending budgets. Then, when people search for videos, YouTube will display relevant videos alongside the search results. These videos are clearly labeled as “sponsored videos” and are priced on a cost-per-click basis. (You can learn more about these tools in the video below.)

YouTube Sponsored Videos is currently only available in the United States. If you’re interested in running your own Sponsored Videos campaign, please visit ads.youtube.com

Source of news: The Official Google Blog

Google Gmail: Google’s approach to email

By Mohnish On November 4, 2008 6 Comments

What’s new in Gmail?

15 new Labs features to try out

From the useful to the playful, there’s a whole lot more to play with in
Gmail Labs, our testing ground for experimental features. Here’s a taste
of what’s new since Labs first launched:

  • Google Calendar and Docs gadgets
  • A forgotten attachment detector
  • Advanced IMAP controls
  • Canned responses to save and send common replies
  • automatically

Turn on these and more from the Labs tab under Settings, and don’t
forget to let them know what you think. Learn more

Gmail on Android

Gmail is now available on the world’s first Android-powered phone, the
T-Mobile G1. All of the features you love about Gmail on your computer,
plus real time push email so you never need to refresh your inbox. Learn more

Emoticons – they’re not just for chat anymore

Express yourself with emoticons from to or even . Click the button
when composing a message in “Rich formatting” mode, or choose the new
emoticons tab in chat, and express yourself to your ‘s desire. Learn more

Gmail for mobile 2.0

Save multiple mobile drafts, compose and read recent email offline, use new
shortcut keys and more. Download Gmail for mobile 2.0 for your BlackBerry
or J2ME phone by going to m.google.com/mail in your mobile browser.

Read the complete article here