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Archive for the ‘Contests’ Category

Win A Lifetime Web Hosting Account – By Limespace

By Mohnish On April 14, 2012 40 Comments

We’re giving away a free lifetime web hosting account account (Sponsored by Limespace Networks). The lifetime account includes the following:



and much more. To more about Limespace, visit their website.

In case you can’t wait until the contest is over and you’re looking for a web hosting, you could use the coupon “FREE” on Limespace Basic Plan and get it 100% free for the first 30 days. Try before you buy.

Other promotions:
50% OFF – Use 50OFF to get 50% recurring off on any plan.  
ONE PLAN – $1 for 1 GB space / 1 GB Bandwidth / Unlimited websites-  ORDER NOW 

Let’s get back to the contest!  How to participate?

  1. Tweet this page out.
  2. Google +1 this page.
  3. Facebook Share/Like this page.
  4. After you’ve done all the above, just leave a comment below. We will find you 😉

That’s how simple it is to win! Contest ends 30th April 2012. Get clicking!  😀


Get a Google Plus Invite from Sensonize.com

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 29 Comments

When Google had launched Wave back in November 2009, I had given  Sensonize.com readers free Wave invites. Right now I have limited Google Plus invites with me which I could give away. It’s very easy to get an invite, just follow the steps below!




Steps to get a Google Plus invite:

1) Retweet this post.

2) Tweet to me on Twitter (@sensonize) with your email address or you could also leave a comment below with the tweeted link.
That’s it! I will verify your Retweet and send you an invite.

Also note, this is not a guaranteed invite. I will be sending an invite from my end after verification, but if you do not receive it, you will have to wait for sometime as Google allows me to invite only a limited number of people per hour. And yes, this is purely based on first come first served bases! Hurry, before the invites run out! 😉 

You can also follow me on Twitter if you still aren’t

Win a Samsung Galaxy S

By Mohnish On July 8, 2010 50 Comments


This contest is hosted by @Samsung_Mobiles. This is the second contest and this time they are giving out a brand new Samsung Galaxy S ( worth 31,500 INR / $650). Your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S just by tweeting out a simple answer and retweeting a simple tweet.

Check out the video review of the Galaxy S and below that are details on how to participate:

Whoaaa! Now that’s one smart phone! It’s got everything you need and way better than the iPhone. Reasons it is better than the iPhone or any other touch phone?

  • Daily Briefing: Get stocks, news etc on your phone
  • Social Hub:  Integrates your social profiles into your Phonebook.
  • Layar:  Augmented location based reality browser
  • Aidiko e-book:  Read e-books for free
  • Mosaic Video Search
  • Sensitive Touch
  • World’s First Super AMOLED screen: Unbeatable Touch Screen Experience
  • 1GHZ Processor
  • Swype

My personal favorite is the screen. Super AMOLED Screen (Notice the last 3 letters? L-E-D!). The touch is really crisp and fast, very accurate.

Let’s get back to the contest!  How to participate?

  1. RT my tweet by clicking the following link: http://www.sensonize.com/galaxy
  2. Answer the following question: What makes ‘Samsung Galaxy S’ a classic example of #FutureBeyond thinking? (you need to answer this on twitter)
  3. Get your friends to RT your answer tweet.

That’s it, 3 simple tasks to win a Galaxy S! For further details and rules about the contest,  please check the following link: Galaxy S contest.

Also, I would appreciate your feedback on the phone. I think it is the perfect phone for bloggers and social media users, what are your views about the phone and would you buy one for your blogging/social media needs? Share it in the comments! 🙂

Please share/like/tweet this post. Would appreciate it. Cheers!

Google Wave Invite Winners

By Mohnish On December 2, 2009 20 Comments

It’s been an amazing week. Over 40 subscribers added in the past 7 days, which is great since Google Wave invites have become very common these days. I have decided to give away 10 Wave invites instead of 7 due to the great response from the contest. The winners are *drum rolls*

  • evilkorn3000@******.com
  • devarajbidare@*****.com
  • blackerail@*****.com
  • rajeelkp@*****.com
  • shirazkhaleel@*****.com
  • daniel.balderas@*****.com
  • battu.sandeep@*****.com
  • puneeth3428@*****.com
  • rocky888888@*****.com
  • cyrilbenedict@*****.com

Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy being on Google Wave and you can add me to your wave too – sensonize [at] gmail.com. It will take up to 3 days for you to get your wave invite, invites have been sent from my end. I still have about 5 invites left, use the contact me page and email me to get one 🙂 Do add some more info about you and your website. It’s always great to know more people on the internet.


Subscribe and get a Google Wave Invite!

By Mohnish On November 23, 2009 33 Comments

I’m up with another mini contest which will last for a week. The contest is simple, all you need to do is enter your email address in the below “Subscribe Box” and hit enter! Make sure you confirm it by clicking the confirmation link you get in your inbox. Do leave a comment below if you’re in the contest, this would double your chances of winning an invite 😉

Enter your email address:

My current subscriber count stands at 724 subscribers.
750+ subscribers = 3 7 Google Wave invites
800+ subscribers = 5 10 Google Invites
1000+ subscribers = 7 15 Google Wave Invites

(Edit: This contest has got an amazing response! hence, I have doubled the amount Google Wave Invites. Do share this post with your friends 🙂 )

Current Subscriber Count:

Invite as many friends to increase the amount of Wave Invites to be given away! Contest ends next Monday (30th November 2009) 23:59 IST.

Do stumble/digg/tweet this post. It’s simple and only takes a click. Cheers!