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Archive for the ‘Reviews’ Category

Google+ – I ‘LIKE’!

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 1 Comment

Google recently opened the Beta version of it’s Google+ to a limited number of people. This version of Google+ can be accessed only by a limited number of users who are invited by their friends on Google Plus. It’s very easy to get invited to Google Plus, all you need is to ask a friend who is already on Google+ to invite you to it. (You could ask me for an invite!)

I’ve been playing around with Google+ lately. What I have noticed is that it is the cleaner version of Facebook which is much more lighter and faster. Facebook on the other hand got really clutter after it’s redesign. Also, if you still don’t know, Facebook has tied up with Skype and will be launching video chat on Facebook shortly – i.e more clutter on the design part. Google Plus Beta comes with in built Google Talk which already has the video calling! which is again, very neat!

Are you on Google+ yet? If yes, let me know about what you think about it. Also, if you would like an invite or want to connect on G+, you can contact me!

Win a Samsung Galaxy S

By Mohnish On July 8, 2010 50 Comments


This contest is hosted by @Samsung_Mobiles. This is the second contest and this time they are giving out a brand new Samsung Galaxy S ( worth 31,500 INR / $650). Your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S just by tweeting out a simple answer and retweeting a simple tweet.

Check out the video review of the Galaxy S and below that are details on how to participate:

Whoaaa! Now that’s one smart phone! It’s got everything you need and way better than the iPhone. Reasons it is better than the iPhone or any other touch phone?

  • Daily Briefing: Get stocks, news etc on your phone
  • Social Hub:  Integrates your social profiles into your Phonebook.
  • Layar:  Augmented location based reality browser
  • Aidiko e-book:  Read e-books for free
  • Mosaic Video Search
  • Sensitive Touch
  • World’s First Super AMOLED screen: Unbeatable Touch Screen Experience
  • 1GHZ Processor
  • Swype

My personal favorite is the screen. Super AMOLED Screen (Notice the last 3 letters? L-E-D!). The touch is really crisp and fast, very accurate.

Let’s get back to the contest!  How to participate?

  1. RT my tweet by clicking the following link: http://www.sensonize.com/galaxy
  2. Answer the following question: What makes ‘Samsung Galaxy S’ a classic example of #FutureBeyond thinking? (you need to answer this on twitter)
  3. Get your friends to RT your answer tweet.

That’s it, 3 simple tasks to win a Galaxy S! For further details and rules about the contest,  please check the following link: Galaxy S contest.

Also, I would appreciate your feedback on the phone. I think it is the perfect phone for bloggers and social media users, what are your views about the phone and would you buy one for your blogging/social media needs? Share it in the comments! 🙂

Please share/like/tweet this post. Would appreciate it. Cheers!

How to add the Facebook Share button

By Mohnish On October 19, 2009 17 Comments

Do you see the Retweet button the right side of this post? —>
The power tiny button on your page is to tweet the pages you like automatically, without copy pasting the URL and title. In just 2 clicks you can tweet the page you like to your followers.

Now, there is a button like this available for Facebook as well! Extremely simple to install and simpler to use it. In a click, you can share any page that has the button on Facebook!

How to Install it?
To manually install the plugin on a page, you need to use a javascript code. You can get the code from here: http://www.fbshare.me/

You can also download the WordPress version of the plugin from here (click)

Testing it live: Help me test the plugin and post your input in the comments please.

Thank you! 🙂

My first Magpie payout – $78.40

By Mohnish On August 9, 2009 20 Comments

4 months after joining Magpie (Twitter Publisher and Ad Network), I have some good news! I have finally got my first payout. The payout was instant as soon as I requested it. I got the amount within 60 seconds into my Paypal account 🙂

magpie1 If you noticed, my last tweet was 4 months later. I had made about 38 Euros in Magpie in the first month itself (back in April 09) and had stopped using it because my followers felt it was spam. 4 months later, I get an offer from Magpie which offered me $25 for ONE tweet (I needed 50 Euros to cash out). I thought over this..then I said why not? It’s only one tweet, and the returns are good. I went ahead and posted the tweet. 24 hours later, I had $78 in my Magpie account ready to be cashed out. Not bad eh?..My secret? There are no secrets apart from quality tweeting. I tweeted quality content, got followers, and it later on got paid for it.

Some tips for new Magpie users:

If you noticed in the above screenshot…I have only tweeted PER VIEW tweets. Though I could have tweeted affiliate tweets/per click tweets but then…I don’t see much results except for a spammed time line. You’re best deal would be PER VIEW Tweets since they are maximum one per day and their payouts are higher and confirmed.

What are you waiting for? BE A MAGPIE NOW!

Whats keeping me busy?

By Mohnish On May 11, 2009 6 Comments

4 days more and this blog wouldn’t have been updated for over a month! whoa! Ok lets get an update about whats keeping me so busy lately. First, I apoligize to all my readers for not updating the blog for almost a month and not even updating you guys where have I been.

Well..I was extremely busy with my exams which got over on 8th May and coming up next is my first perfect startup in which I’ll be putting thousands of bucks and alot of time.  So.. I’m working on a web hosting company. Yes, a REAL one! 😀 Its called – Limespace Networks. Let me just go ahead and and tell you’ll a bit more about Limespace and what will it offer to its clients. Since its a web hosting company many of you guys might think its another “UNLIMITED SPACE & BANDWIDTH” crap. But no! Its not the same old unlimited crap that 90% of the hosting companies are offering these days. We have a “Limit” but it is as good as unlimited.

Limespace Web Hosting Plans:

1. Basic Shared Hosting
1 GB Space
10 GB Bandwidth
Price: $2.95/mo or $34/year!
Order Now!

2. Pro Shared Hosting
5 GB Space
50 GB Bandwidth
Price: $4.95/mo or $58/year!
Order Now!

3. Advance Shared Hosting
10 GB Space
100 GB Bandwidth
Price: $7.95/mo or $94/year!
Order Now

You can use 100% of these resources provided to you! (As long as you don’t use over 15% of our 8 GB server) We provide dedicated plans with only 50% over selling on all our servers. This means if we have 2TB Bandwidth, we only sell upto 50% more i.e 3 TB to our clients. If our clients use more than 2 TB/month, we simply buy more bandwidth!

P.S You can use the coupon “SENSONIZE” to get 25% off your first order 🙂

If your interested in knowing more, you can follow us on Twitter @Limespace

I guess thats it for now, I will update the blog this month with more blogging tips and how to make money online ideas. Till then, Hasta La Vista! 😀