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Archive for the ‘Reviews’ Category

Exclusive DreamHost.com Coupons – $97 OFF

By Mohnish On March 15, 2009 3 Comments

DreamHost.com provides Shared and VPS Hosting Services. DreamHost provides a 97 day money back guarantee and has a uptime of 99% with 24/7/365 day support.

Shared Hosting
Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Domains: Unlimited
Free domains: 3*
Price:  Starts $5.95

Uptime: 99%
Speed: 100 Mbit
Panel: Cpanel 11 with Shared Hosting
Rating: ****1/2
Worth it?: Yes! Well managed and good support.
Comments: Friendly Support and Good Hosting. Recommended!

Special DreamHost Coupons/ Discounts:

– 1 Free domain for life + $60 Off!

SENSPLUS 2 Free domains for life + $50 Off!


This site has been Sensonized as TRUSTED!

* DreamHost offers 1 domain free. Get 2 more domains free by using the coupon code SENSPLUS + $50 off!

3 reasons why I like Tmzhosting

By Mohnish On March 12, 2009 5 Comments

I am going to list 3 reasons why I would recommend any start up blogger/webmaster Tmzhosting. I also have an amazing offer for you guys which happens to be at the end of this post.

3 Reasons Why I Like Tmzhosting

1) Pre Sales Support
Most of the companies provide pre sales support so whats so special about Tmzhosting? They not only answer all your questions in a professional way, but also answer them politely. Many companies have pre sales support which is very arrogant and extremely professional. Newbies might not understand what they mean.

2) Customer Support
They have A+ customer support and your tickets are answered within no time! Their customer support staff is polite and explains what you need to do step by step. If your moving from another host, they can move upto 10 websites depending on the plan you choose and also give you a month free (If paying for a year or more)

3) 99.99% Uptime!
Tmzhosting has a 99.99% uptime guarantee! My website never seems to be down! If there are maintenance or any technical faults which need to be solved they always inform you before hand.

I don’t want to go in depth with the technical part, instead I want to focus on the things which really matter – Pre Sales, Support and Uptime are 3 major factors of a host. I strongly recommend Tmzhosting for Personal, Business and Professional users.

Get Started with a recurring discount!

This is a fantastic offer to move your website to Tmzhosting or to start your own blog. If you don’t like Tmzhosting or are finding difficulties in using it you can always move to another host without paying anything extra. No contracts, No pre payment!

Steps to get this fantastic offer:
1) Visit Tmzhosting.com and select the “Exclusive Webhosting Plan”

2) Enter the coupon “SENSSHARED

3) Proceed to payment

That’s it! 3 simple steps to get yourself Tmz Web Hosting for as low as $38/year + free domain + free SSL and + 2 months free! (on 2 years pre-payment)

This is a sponsored review for Tmzhosting. To get your company/website reviewed please visit our advertising page.

WordPress Web Hosting

By Mohnish On March 6, 2009 2 Comments

We all know what happens when you don’t have a good web host. You get all messed up, over charged and you finally have to switch over to a new host. But what if you choose the perfect web hosting for you? A hosting which can hold all your visitors, content and website. I have reviewed about 10 web hosting companies and selected the perfect 3 companies which can host your wordpress blog.


WordPress Auto-Install — Unlimited disk storage, Unlimited monthly data transfer, host unlimited domains on 1 account, 1 free domain name for as long as you host with Tmzhosting, Unlimited POP / WebMail addresses, Unlimited MySQL databases, free control panel, free Fantastico, 24/7 network monitoring, 99% uptime guarantee, no hidden fees! All this is for as low as $88/biannually i.e only $4 a month!


Lunarpages.com Web HostingWordPress auto-install and upgrade, Unlimited Disk Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free domain, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Domains, free control panel, free Fantastico, 24/7 network monitoring, 99% uptime guarantee, mirrored storage backups, no hidden fees and 24×7  support. All this for as low as $4.95 a month!


Take advantage of hosting plans featuring up to unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited websites, and unlimited email accounts all from the world’s largest Web host Hostgator. Enjoy free set-up, no annual commitment, and free auto-install of over 50 applications, including WordPress. Best of all, 99.9% network uptime and Hostgator world-class data centers keep you up and running, and plans start at just $4.95/mo! Save $9.94 on one month or more of web site hosting! Use code WORDPRESS at checkout.

Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher, MySQL 4.0 or higher, Apache or Litespeed recommended.

Adsense v/s Adbrite

By Mohnish On February 22, 2009 33 Comments

With Adsense spamming the web with LK Advani and Shaadi.com ads, I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss this topic.

Adsense v/s Adbrite

Lets face it – Many.. Oh wait! Not many.. Almost all webmasters/bloggers believe that Adsense is the best. But do they know why? There is no reason to this, they just like it because of high PPC rates. But what are the benefits? Let me tell you, except the high PPC rates there are NO benefits! Now lets see the good side of Adbrite and the negative side of Adsense:

1) Adbrite allows you to select your keywords. Yes! You don’t need to blog or make a website about the highest paying keywords(Like Adsense), you just need to select the keywords you think your readers would be interested in having a look at. Example: You run a free image sharing website with ads over it(Read the last point if you really have an image sharing website). Adsense will show the ads with the keywords: “free, sharing, website” and your domain name. Where as, Adbrite will show the ads that you think your visitors would be interested in. We take the same example, a free image sharing website: Now what do you think? Why are people using your service? One simple reason: Its FREE! So basically your traffic category falls into the freebie category and about 75% your visitors would be likely interested in “Making Money Online”, which is a high PPC keyword. Just select the keywords with the highest paying keywords and your done! Adbrite will show the ads of your selected keywords, unlikely Adsense showing Ads according to your location. (Since I’m from India, I only see LK Advani or Shaadi.com ads on Adsense Ads. How bad is that?!)

2) Adbrite has Inline and Full Page ads. These two are the major postive points about Adbrite. If your running a high traffic website or a one which allows the user to download, upload and share files the full page and inline text ads are the BEST! Instead of using only captcha you could use these ads + captcha and make money by allowing the user to download the file(s) 😉 This ad is best recommended for Image/File hosting websites.

3) Payout is at $5!!! WOW! Adbrite pays out is at only $5 which is pretty cool. But they use the Net-60 payment meathod which requires the publisher to wait for 60 days from the date of generation of the click value. I’m all cool about this, I can select my payout from $5 – $xxxx. Which ever I am comforable with. In Adsense you need to reach $100 which is easily achiveable BUT If you achive it in the wrong way or if your CTR is above 10.. You are BANNED! This is not with Adbrite 🙂

4) PPC Value: We all know that Adsense offers a very good PPC value, however, same can be achieved with Adbrite. As I mentioned above,  select the (highest paying) keywords you think are good for you and see the same PPC value as Adsense. Trust me, I’ve tried it! I got upto $1.26 for a click. Thats seriously crazy!

5) Monetize your images. You can monetize your images with Adbrite. How cool is that?!?! Benefits of this? Many visitors try to click on the image or rip off your work but you will still make money off this 😉 I found this feature of Adbrite a killer one!! Even if a user tries to rip off your image or tries to right click and copy the location, you are being paid 😉 Tomorrow if someone has your copyright image on his/her blog, don’t worry.. You have been paid for it! 😉 Thats not it, If the user copy pastes your complete article the ad is going with it 😛

I believe there are many more features in Adsense and Adbrite both but I have tried my level best to cover up the major positive/negative factors of both. But I strongly recommend Adbrite.

Now you choose – Adsense or Adbrite ?

Your take on Twitter

By Mohnish On January 8, 2009 4 Comments

So what is your take on Twitter? Today, Probloggers like John Chow and Jeremy Scheomaker say Twitter is the new RSS. I feel the same.. But I have still not been able to figure out the Twitter game. I believe it is like a Status Message which you use on MSN or Yahoo Messenger. John Chow uses it to share his life and blog updates where as some people use it just for a small chat session.

Quote directly from Twitter:
“Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

I guess I was right 😉 It is like your status message which allows your friends, co-workers and family to know what are you upto 😉 Ive recently joined twitter and I am following 6 people and 4 are following me. (Follow me on Twitter) I will soon run contests and update my readers via twitter. Make sure you follow me 😉

I will use Twitter for my friends and readers. What will you use it for? What is your take on twitter? Do post your twitter profile and follow me 😛

Follow me on Twitter