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Choosing a blogging platform

By Mohnish On March 8, 2009 Under Blogging, Make Money Online

Choosing the right blogging platform is the first step for a blogger. A blogging platform is really important but it it not always necessary to spend money on buying web hosting, hiring a designer/coder, buying a domain and then start blogging. You could simply use BlogSpot, which is a free service by Google and buy a domain for $9. Even if you don’t buy a domain, web  hosting, wordpress etc you will still be known as a blogger.

WordPress is not free…
All those who think that WordPress is a free blogging platform which you could just install on your web hosting account with a single click and start blogging, You’re WRONG! If you thought it was so simple to use it then why would people use BlogSpot or any other free blog hosting services? WordPress is not a free blogging platform. If you thought it was free, think about the $100 hosting and $10 domain which you need to pay for EVERY YEAR! Thats not it! If you get stuck up somewhere you might need to hire a WordPress expert to solve your problems.

WordPress is difficult to learn…
When I was new to WordPress I didnt even know how to upload an image. I slowly learn’t using it and the use of WordPress plugins. I seriously had bad times when it came to upgrading the software, but now there are no such problems after WordPress added the 1-click upgrader. If you’re a start up blogger I strongly recommend you BlogSpot! Its simple and neat and I myself used to use it before.

Why use BlogSpot?
One simple reason, its FREE! Apart from being free, it’s great platform for new bloggers. I have seen people use BlogSpot for 4+ years and achieve and page rank of 3+. Its not really easy to get a PR4 unless you are really blogging since 2005 or are a quality blogger. BlogSpot has some great features which wordpress might not have and it allows you to store 1024 MB (1 GB) of files for free! Not bad at all! You can use Adsense/Adbrite or any other publisher network and make money with it 😉

Why use WordPress?
WordPress is for advance users. If you have $150 to pay every year then go ahead with WordPress! But when you start using WordPress you will be dumped into an  advanced level of blogging which you might get confused with or start with BlogSpot and when you think you’re ready, transfer all your articles to WordPress. Yes, you can do that too! 🙂

What I recommend:
The bloggers who make money blogging use WordPress, including myself. You host it on your own server so that you have total control over it. However, many bloggers use BlogSpot and make money too! As I have said above, If you’re a serious blogger and sure about what you are doing, go ahead with WordPress! But if you’re just starting to blog, I highly recommend BlogSpot . BlogSpot might ban you if you’re doing too much of affiliate marketing or sell links, where as in WordPress, you are your own master 🙂

If you choose WordPress
If you choose WordPress, I highly recommend you using Tmzhosting for your hosting services and Name.com for your domain name requirements.

I hope you are now clear about which blogging platform is right for you to start with blogging.


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  1. Best CSS Gallery
    March 9, 2009
    11:54 am #comment-1

    If you plan to make money from blogging WP is better, it looks more professional and you can customize it better to suit your business needs

  2. clickktdotcom
    March 9, 2009
    12:26 pm #comment-2

    I think if you want join adsense, you must choose Blogspot. Because blogspot is production of Google ^_^

  3. Adam
    March 11, 2009
    11:12 pm #comment-3

    Totally agree with you. I am long time blogger fan and all my blogs apart from one is hosted on Blogger.

  4. Sparx
    April 28, 2009
    12:05 pm #comment-4

    @Monty: Your contention that Blogger makes more sense for a first-time blogger, is quite correct. However, I’d like to point out that WordPress.com also is quite similar – preset blog hosting on the WordPress platform leaving the user to only consider basic thematic designs and content of the blog, rather than having to deal with the nitty-gritty of tinkering under the hood.

    Finally, it comes down to a matter of which platform a user is comfortable with.

  5. Mr. Itunes Cards
    November 26, 2010
    2:02 pm #comment-5

    The HTML wizard in me says WordPress, but, Blogger makes it easier to monetize your blog right form the start. I’d say try both and if you get more comfortable with skinning WordPress blogs, get a paid account with them, or host your own if you have extra cash lying around.

    In short, even though Blogger lets you start easy and I’ve seen some very successful sites built out of it, you may not find it as flexible in the long run.

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