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Dont be an appam *******

By Annkur On May 20, 2009 Under Articles, Guides and Tuts, Make Money Online

This is a Guest Post blogged by Annkur P Agrawal from OnlyGizmos. Views and opinions are entirely as expressed by  him.

If you are one of those who visits FIP to notice the blazing traffic and thousands of comments and still don’t read the blog posts? you had a thought of cashing in the next time there is a fakeXYZ blog possible? the moment you hear of a new online service/blog/website, do you start to think –  “why didn’t I make this?” If yes!! then my friend you are in good company here 😉

Money making over the internet is not easy, but if you have the right approach and the right advice – you will do just fine. Often money making on the internet is mistaken for just getting that idea and launching the product. Thinking that you have a domain name that gives you an edge over another company, doesn’t mean that you will beat it to glory. And in most (and by most I mean 99.9% cases) you would give up before you even make that first dollar out of the venture, thats if you get started at all.

As you enter the world of making money online, you realize that you have entered a cave with no sight of an exit on the other side. Its easy to stray and get lost within the darkness. There will be hundreds of ideas for you to start a reseller business, get into affiliate or monetize your ideas with killer products. But that doesn’t mean that you jump on it with the idea of making a million dollars every month and end up quitting your job! Not everything on the web is meant to be started by you, pickup your strengths and work towards it. Starting a hosting service or a link shortner might not be a great idea. Why get into the hammered competition zone? Innovate, rather than just doing something for the sake of doing it!

Making money on the web has two simple ways:

1) Without investing
2) With investment

If you are just looking to start a blog and put good content there in your free time, go ahead. Spend some time marketing it as well. But if you are looking to invest a decent sum into a website? be the next twitter? than beware – don’t get lost in the darkness. I don’t mean to discourage you but the point remains simple, start something only if you are genuinely passionate about it, only if you feel a need for it. Ask yourself  “will I be a user of this service?”, answering that honestly might automatically give you the green light to go ahead with your plans. Else quit now!

P.S : I didn’t read FIP much, I don’t know what appam ******* is but sounded good 🙂


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