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How to update your Facebook Status from Google+

By Mohnish On July 9, 2011 Under Google, Guides and Tuts, Social Networking, Tips and Tricks

So now you are on Google+, Facebook and Twitter and struggling to keep all of them updated with pretty much the same updates. I prefer being on Google Plus more because it is much more cleaner than Facebook (Well, at least for now). Being said that, I am struggling to post my status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus separately.  There’s already an application available for fetching Twitter updates and posting them to Facebook, but what about getting updates from Google+? (I could post an update to Google Plus –> (sent to) Facebook –> (sent to) Twitter at the same time!)

The trick is simple. As some of us who are already on G+ know that we can insert an email id or circle whom we want to share a particular update with. So that’s what we do here, we share the update with our Facebook email address and it gets posted.

Step 1:

Visit https://www.facebook.com/mobile/ and copy the email address under “Upload via Email”. It would be something like xyz123abc@m.facebook.com . (NOTE: Do not give this email id out to anybody, it is an unique email id given to you by Facebook. If anyone gets this email id, that person could update your Facebook status)

Step 2:

Now paste the email address in the space where you need to add ‘Circle’ or Email id in the Google+ update box. It would look something like this…

That’s it! Hit the share button! The update would be posted to Facebook. You could also add the email address to one of your circles whom you share most of your updates with and it would be shared on Facebook as well. You could also create another circle just for Facebook updates with the email id.

Also, if you still aren’t on Google+, I’m giving out invites here.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stupot
    July 9, 2011
    9:53 am #comment-1

    Haha, it works! I love it when stuff works!

  2. Netero
    October 5, 2011
    5:14 am #comment-2

    Thanks, it worked for me. I hate having to update my statuses and having to log on to all of my social network accounts, this helped me a little.

  3. Laptop in BD
    December 22, 2011
    10:28 am #comment-3

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