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Make Money Online using eBay

By Mohnish On January 31, 2010 Under Make Money Online

We all know, eBay is the best way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need and make some extra cash.  But did you know that there are people making millions using eBay? I do not guarantee that you could make millions right away from eBay, but I am just saying that it is possible to make a decent amount off eBay.

When you start on eBay, it would be better if you start selling things that you don’t need. This way you would also gain some experience  and get rid off the things you don’t need anymore. Once you have a good hand over the platform and you are confident enough, you could start off with selling some products.

A friend of mine and I had planned to start an online ‘Geek Store’ (Geekstore.in) and sell products online. However it didn’t work out due to lack of time from both ends. The plan was simple, to list products on eBay as well as on the website and then ship them to the users. We also researched the market and got a list of amazing products for unbelievable prices! I wouldn’t talk more about this start up as this is yet on hold. We might start it sometime in the future if possible. (We’re still looking for people to contribute to this project, contact me through the contact page, Mumbai only)

Making Money on eBay is so much easier than in real life. List the products and get buyers to contact you directly. For example, the hottest product in the Indian gadget market right now is a ‘Spy Pen’. The small gadget can store up to 16 GB of video recording (aprox 5 hours) in good quality. Can you guess the price? $300? No. $250? No. $150? No! The price I found out in the local market was Rs 1,000 (about $22) for a 16 GB model (without any bargain, I believe the shop keeper would come down to Rs 750 if I bargained). When I checked on eBay, the price for a 8 GB model was Rs 1500 ($33). I mean, wow! this is amazing…A 8 GB one costs $33 on eBay, how much could you sell the 16 GB one for? No lesser than $40? Now, even if you’re getting the 16 GB one for Rs 750 ($16) and selling it for $40 (Rs 1978), you are still making a profit of Rs 1228 ($24) per sale. That’s sweet.

If you can find a good way that works for you on eBay, then go for it! The harder you work at it the more money you make.

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52 Comments Add yours

  1. Neha Bagoria
    January 31, 2010
    2:34 pm #comment-1

    Another quick way of gettin rich!

  2. Rich
    February 1, 2010
    4:55 am #comment-2

    Really enjoyed your article – well written and shows that good things can – and do –

  3. Free Microsoft Points
    February 1, 2010
    6:42 pm #comment-3

    Ebay certainly is a good way to make money, if you know what you are doing and plan ahead. Sometimes people can tend to forget there are a lot of fees associated with selling things on eBay now, even a Paypal fee. I sold 300 of my CD’s for $800, so if you know what you are doing, you can really make a killing. Just plan ahead!

  4. I have used eBay before to sell some of my personal items, and made some money doing it. I’ve sold 300 of my CD’s, DVD’s that I didn’t watch anymore, old VHS tapes, etc. You just have to make sure to plan ahead for any fees you might incur with eBay, and possibly Paypal too. Have a good plan and unique items and you can definitely make some money!

  5. Free Microsoft Points
    February 2, 2010
    5:32 pm #comment-5

    Selling ebooks on ebay is another easy way to make money. There are a lot of open source type ebooks that allow you to resell.

  6. dresses wedding
    February 5, 2010
    6:00 am #comment-6

    Great post actually I need some form of work which I can do online where I could get an extra paycheck every month. I tried E bay, it was a failure….so please help me…

  7. July 4th decorations
    February 9, 2010
    5:37 am #comment-7

    Very enjoyable article I appreciate it a lot…good post

  8. Free PSN Cards
    February 10, 2010
    6:11 pm #comment-8

    I like to buy things in bulk and then sell them on eBay, especially like preordering iPhones and selling them on launch day for a premium.

  9. Nicole Farhi
    February 16, 2010
    4:55 am #comment-9

    Ebay is a good way to make money, if you know what you are doing and plan ahead.

  10. agentmango
    February 17, 2010
    10:02 pm #comment-10

    I do buy and sell at ebay. I also do the dropshipping method.

  11. Thomas
    February 26, 2010
    10:44 am #comment-11

    So your plan is to find things saleable on eBay. Compare the price with a local store. If it’s lower, buy it and then sell it off of eBay. Did I get it right? Looks like a great idea to me. On top of that you have to consider shipping cost. What is the usual terms for this on eBay. Is it the buyer that pays for shipment?

  12. smslån
    March 6, 2010
    1:34 am #comment-12

    Its a great way to test your business before you build something yourself. If you get the feedback you wanted then its time to start expanding your business.

  13. jenny
    March 9, 2010
    11:27 am #comment-13

    hi. just wanted to come by and check out your blog. found you on YOUNGEST BLOGGERS an thought i’d take a look.

  14. Sonic
    March 22, 2010
    2:18 pm #comment-14

    If you are a successful trader you can make very good money using Ebay. Why? Cause there millions of people all over the world, who are using this service. Can you imagine the profit???

  15. Techie @ TechGeeks
    March 28, 2010
    10:09 am #comment-15

    Just b careful not to buy stuff too cheap from China wholesale websites. They sent me fake flash drives (from a respected seller on DHGate).

  16. Anup
    April 3, 2010
    2:36 am #comment-16

    Very good info 🙂

  17. Patrik on Låna pengar nu
    April 7, 2010
    2:25 pm #comment-17

    Great post! Thanks! ebay is king. 🙂

  18. Bibione Pineda
    April 10, 2010
    4:43 pm #comment-18

    What methods do you use when selling your staff at the ebay?

  19. pravesh
    April 13, 2010
    2:12 am #comment-19

    first of all a very very innovative and fantastic website …. i recently got hold of your article in magazine – career 360 – it was splendid !!
    could u kindly help me out as to – i dont have any sort of credit card or visa or anything else of such form … can i manage to sell my products withot them ? if yes then how ??
    thanks a lot …

  20. Naija
    April 16, 2010
    6:07 am #comment-20

    Great article, it’s pretty informative the style is interesting too. I have been using eBay to make money for quite some time now and I can honestly approve it as a great money to make money.

    You can make a profit off pretty much anything, when I first got into it I was selling windows activation keys I would buy them in batches of 10 for $100 and sell them at $20 each that made me a 100% profit each and every time. once in a while I’d raise prices to $25 or $30.

    It’s a great method because windows keys sell out quickly, I would often get people who would buy my entire stock. My advice if you find something worth selling take the risk on ebay and see how it works out for you.

  21. sparsh khare
    April 27, 2010
    3:22 pm #comment-21

    Hey it was great to read about you as being the youngest entrepreneur via blogging.I never before got into selling things on net.Just want to know how are the products delivered to the buyer and how is the transaction of money done.
    Thanks & Regards

  22. Maurice Lacroix
    May 11, 2010
    1:40 am #comment-22

    I tried some ebay marketing but without much success bought some books on this topic but most are crap.

  23. kreuzfahrten
    May 13, 2010
    7:44 pm #comment-23

    Selling ebooks on ebay is another easy way to make money. There are a lot of open source type ebooks that allow you to resell.But sometimes it’s illegal – watch out so.

  24. Steve
    May 25, 2010
    4:52 pm #comment-24

    Ebay is a good way to make money, if you know what you are doing and plan ahead.

  25. Marie
    May 31, 2010
    5:26 am #comment-25

    Selling on Internet in general is easier than selling irl.

  26. Girly Tattoos
    June 6, 2010
    4:15 am #comment-26

    You have a really great blog in here. And the articles that you write are really great and helpful. The on about selling things on E-bay is really awesome. I newer tried to sell anything out there because most of time I thought that all those stories about getting a really good money from such selling are a bit exaggerated. Its seemed that I was wrong all that time and thanks to you I have a chance to change it. I hope for some more great articles like the one about E-bay and wish you luck in the future.

  27. Free Youtube Templates
    June 8, 2010
    9:16 am #comment-27

    @MArie selling on the internet is generally a lot easier as some people impulse buy a lot more on the net especially when they see a deal

  28. Patrick
    June 10, 2010
    11:31 pm #comment-28

    I’ve heard of making money through ebay and people already proved that they earned something from it too. Since people are now making use of online stores to buy things for themselves, the future of this business have a positive result.

  29. free nintendo points cards
    June 15, 2010
    7:56 am #comment-29

    ahh… thanks for posting this, great info (:

  30. Free Wii Points Cards
    June 25, 2010
    3:46 am #comment-30

    thanks for sharing =]

  31. Club Penguin
    June 28, 2010
    7:59 pm #comment-31

    I remember when this was true. Not any more, kinda.

  32. Watch The Bondocks Online
    June 30, 2010
    6:11 am #comment-32

    You can still make a ton of money on ebay, you just need to find something to sell. If you think there is no money to make on eBay you are delusional. It’s a great investment and you can get a ver hefty profit. If you find something good to sell give ebay a try. My only issue is their fees and the fact that they also own paypal. So you are in fact paying them twice. Once to sell then again to transfer the money to your account.

  33. Ninja Saga Cheats
    July 2, 2010
    11:44 am #comment-33

    you’re no longer posting i guess..

  34. Martin
    July 6, 2010
    10:33 am #comment-34

    I think that if you know how to use eBay to your advantage, then it can pretty much make you rich. The dilemma is that it is time consuming and not always effective even if you have spent a lot of time on it. So you really need to know what you are doing…
    Anyway, good blog. Thanks for posting.

  35. Hey monty, are you still there?

  36. vignesh
    July 16, 2010
    12:05 pm #comment-36

    Great post ,e-bay is the nice way to make money on online,so try this

  37. Acrylic Nail Poilsh Rack
    July 18, 2010
    3:24 am #comment-37

    A drop shipping venture can get tiresome very quickly. You might consider signing on with the Ebay Partner network instead. You can list auctions on your site and they pay you a percentage of the winning bid. Well, that’s how it actually used to be. Now its based on a EPC structure where you get paid per click depending on the quality of your traffic.

  38. Pengar
    July 22, 2010
    1:31 am #comment-38

    I have sold manny things on e-bay. But now i was i while ago..

  39. Astore
    July 23, 2010
    2:21 am #comment-39

    great article.

  40. Mikrolån
    July 30, 2010
    3:34 pm #comment-40

    Ebay är riktigt bra, tar dock en stund att bli bra på det.

  41. Marketing Sieciowy
    August 31, 2010
    4:53 pm #comment-41

    Its a great Post and I’m sure I will make a good use of it in a wile. I was working on my blogs for the last few months and now I want to work a bit on e-bay marketing. Thx for sharing.

  42. Brunswick
    September 1, 2010
    8:04 am #comment-42

    Ebay certainly is a good way to make money but I think Amazon is better although less spoken about.

  43. Weider
    September 3, 2010
    10:27 am #comment-43

    Brunswick can you elaborate a bit more about the opportunities to make money with Amazon?

  44. Breville
    September 7, 2010
    10:46 am #comment-44

    Ebay can be a source of nice income but far from being a gold mine as it used to couple years ago before lots of ebooks had been published and ebay got quite saturated.

  45. Justin
    November 3, 2010
    12:35 am #comment-45

    ebay is a great way
    to make some extra cash..
    thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  46. PS3
    November 14, 2010
    12:43 pm #comment-46

    nice tips
    thanks for the info…

  47. iTunes
    December 1, 2010
    10:38 am #comment-47

    A very well written, informative article. I was happy to read this as I always knew people profited big on ebay, just never how big!

  48. Free UGCs
    February 9, 2011
    2:47 am #comment-48

    Wow nice thanks for the heads up 😀

  49. seo web submit
    April 15, 2011
    8:16 am #comment-49

    unfortunately..epal is not supported in egypt that’s why it is very hard for me and for some countries to implement those advices

  50. Cheap Van Insurance Quotes
    April 28, 2011
    5:51 am #comment-50

    You can maybe work as a live op, some of them do fairly well depending on your costs you can live on it I have a few friends with no qualifications that do pretty wel,l.. rainisg a family working from home like this.

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