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Get a Google Plus Invite from Sensonize.com

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 29 Comments

When Google had launched Wave back in November 2009, I had given  Sensonize.com readers free Wave invites. Right now I have limited Google Plus invites with me which I could give away. It’s very easy to get an invite, just follow the steps below!




Steps to get a Google Plus invite:

1) Retweet this post.

2) Tweet to me on Twitter (@sensonize) with your email address or you could also leave a comment below with the tweeted link.
That’s it! I will verify your Retweet and send you an invite.

Also note, this is not a guaranteed invite. I will be sending an invite from my end after verification, but if you do not receive it, you will have to wait for sometime as Google allows me to invite only a limited number of people per hour. And yes, this is purely based on first come first served bases! Hurry, before the invites run out! 😉 

You can also follow me on Twitter if you still aren’t


How to add the +1 button to your WordPress blog

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 2 Comments

Google has started rolling out Google Plus to more users as you read this.  Google had announced the +1 button last month and had released the code to add it to your website.

How does +1 affect search results?

+1 helps people discover relevant content—a website, a Google search result, or an ad—from the people they already know and trust. Adding the +1 button to your pages lets users recommend your content, knowing that their friends and contacts will see their recommendation when it’s most relevant—in the context of Google search results.

When a signed-in Google user is searching, your Google search result snippet may be annotated with the names of the user’s connections who’ve +1’d your page. If none of a user’s connections has +1’d your page, your snippet may display the aggregate number of +1’s your page has received.

Does +1 affect my site’s performance in search?

Content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than content from strangers. For example, a movie review from an expert is useful, but a movie review from a friend who shares your tastes can be even better. Because of this, +1’s from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a user’s query. This is just one of many signals Google may use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, and we’re constantly tweaking and improving our algorithm to improve overall search quality. For +1’s, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality.

How to add the +1 button on your WordPress blog

All you need to do is install a plugin on your blog and activate it. You’re done!


  1. Install the TF Share Plugin. (Also known as Twitter Facebook Share plugin)
  2. Activate it.

and you’re done! 2 simple steps to add the Google +1 button on your WordPress.

You can also customize the plugin as you like. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Google +1 widgets on your blog.

Do let me know how Google +1 is performing for you in the comments below.

Google+ – I ‘LIKE’!

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 1 Comment

Google recently opened the Beta version of it’s Google+ to a limited number of people. This version of Google+ can be accessed only by a limited number of users who are invited by their friends on Google Plus. It’s very easy to get invited to Google Plus, all you need is to ask a friend who is already on Google+ to invite you to it. (You could ask me for an invite!)

I’ve been playing around with Google+ lately. What I have noticed is that it is the cleaner version of Facebook which is much more lighter and faster. Facebook on the other hand got really clutter after it’s redesign. Also, if you still don’t know, Facebook has tied up with Skype and will be launching video chat on Facebook shortly – i.e more clutter on the design part. Google Plus Beta comes with in built Google Talk which already has the video calling! which is again, very neat!

Are you on Google+ yet? If yes, let me know about what you think about it. Also, if you would like an invite or want to connect on G+, you can contact me!

Win a Samsung Galaxy S

By Mohnish On July 8, 2010 50 Comments


This contest is hosted by @Samsung_Mobiles. This is the second contest and this time they are giving out a brand new Samsung Galaxy S ( worth 31,500 INR / $650). Your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S just by tweeting out a simple answer and retweeting a simple tweet.

Check out the video review of the Galaxy S and below that are details on how to participate:

Whoaaa! Now that’s one smart phone! It’s got everything you need and way better than the iPhone. Reasons it is better than the iPhone or any other touch phone?

  • Daily Briefing: Get stocks, news etc on your phone
  • Social Hub:  Integrates your social profiles into your Phonebook.
  • Layar:  Augmented location based reality browser
  • Aidiko e-book:  Read e-books for free
  • Mosaic Video Search
  • Sensitive Touch
  • World’s First Super AMOLED screen: Unbeatable Touch Screen Experience
  • 1GHZ Processor
  • Swype

My personal favorite is the screen. Super AMOLED Screen (Notice the last 3 letters? L-E-D!). The touch is really crisp and fast, very accurate.

Let’s get back to the contest!  How to participate?

  1. RT my tweet by clicking the following link: http://www.sensonize.com/galaxy
  2. Answer the following question: What makes ‘Samsung Galaxy S’ a classic example of #FutureBeyond thinking? (you need to answer this on twitter)
  3. Get your friends to RT your answer tweet.

That’s it, 3 simple tasks to win a Galaxy S! For further details and rules about the contest,  please check the following link: Galaxy S contest.

Also, I would appreciate your feedback on the phone. I think it is the perfect phone for bloggers and social media users, what are your views about the phone and would you buy one for your blogging/social media needs? Share it in the comments! 🙂

Please share/like/tweet this post. Would appreciate it. Cheers!

Make Money Online using eBay

By Mohnish On January 31, 2010 52 Comments

We all know, eBay is the best way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need and make some extra cash.  But did you know that there are people making millions using eBay? I do not guarantee that you could make millions right away from eBay, but I am just saying that it is possible to make a decent amount off eBay.

When you start on eBay, it would be better if you start selling things that you don’t need. This way you would also gain some experience  and get rid off the things you don’t need anymore. Once you have a good hand over the platform and you are confident enough, you could start off with selling some products.

A friend of mine and I had planned to start an online ‘Geek Store’ (Geekstore.in) and sell products online. However it didn’t work out due to lack of time from both ends. The plan was simple, to list products on eBay as well as on the website and then ship them to the users. We also researched the market and got a list of amazing products for unbelievable prices! I wouldn’t talk more about this start up as this is yet on hold. We might start it sometime in the future if possible. (We’re still looking for people to contribute to this project, contact me through the contact page, Mumbai only)

Making Money on eBay is so much easier than in real life. List the products and get buyers to contact you directly. For example, the hottest product in the Indian gadget market right now is a ‘Spy Pen’. The small gadget can store up to 16 GB of video recording (aprox 5 hours) in good quality. Can you guess the price? $300? No. $250? No. $150? No! The price I found out in the local market was Rs 1,000 (about $22) for a 16 GB model (without any bargain, I believe the shop keeper would come down to Rs 750 if I bargained). When I checked on eBay, the price for a 8 GB model was Rs 1500 ($33). I mean, wow! this is amazing…A 8 GB one costs $33 on eBay, how much could you sell the 16 GB one for? No lesser than $40? Now, even if you’re getting the 16 GB one for Rs 750 ($16) and selling it for $40 (Rs 1978), you are still making a profit of Rs 1228 ($24) per sale. That’s sweet.

If you can find a good way that works for you on eBay, then go for it! The harder you work at it the more money you make.