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Rapidshare.com removes ban from BSNL ISP

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 Under News

This is the LATEST UPDATE!
Just 5 mins ago Rapidshare.com has removed the ban from BSNL ISP.
I don’t know if its removed forever or its just a temporary unban just to test their new servers ! 😉
Maybe they are in talks with BSNL to limit the MegaBytes of downloads/day from Rapidshare.
BSNL has limited the download to 1.25 GB/Day and after 12 Midnight its Unlimited. Price remains the same – Rs 1,000/$25(Inclusive Taxes and ADSL Rental). Hope this 1.25 GB Limit avoids another 1 week ban! 🙁


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  1. Ammy
    August 5, 2008
    9:55 am #comment-1

    Actually I also contacted them and got the answer as follows:-


    unfortunately our security system is blocking the IP address you are using to
    access our service.
    Our system blocks IP addresses automatically when it detects a massive hack
    attempt of our servers.

    It seems that the person who is causing the block is operating with the same
    ISP or through the same Proxy Server as you are.
    We suggest to contact your ISP in this matter, as we are not able to determine
    which one of their customers is causing this problem.

    We are working with high pressure on a solution to this problem. Unfortunately
    we can not just lift the IP ban since this would endanger the entire system
    and our customers accounts.

    The problem will be solved as fast as

    We apologize for the inconvenience. “

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