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Startup Saturday – Mumbai

By Mohnish On March 15, 2009 Under Events

I was there at the Start up Saturday this week end on the 15th of March 2009, yesterday. I had a good time. Little bit of lectures, alot of networking and great fun! Met amazing people and met the ones who I actually know in virtual life. This was my first Startup Saturday. Didn’t except anything much until I went there, I just thought that people from huge companies giving boring lectures blah blah.. but it was surprisingly different! The lectures were simple and clean. No crap or too much of detailed lectures, in simple layman language. Anyone from the audience could ask questions and they were answered.

Showcase of HealthIZen by Anand Anupam, CEO, Healthizen.com
He had already started speaking and I guess I missed the first 10 mins of his talk. ( I was late, as always) He spoke about his website – Helthizen.com and how could it help you manage your health records online. Sometimes it is really difficult to keep your heath test reports safe with you which cost hundreds, probably thousands of rupees. Healthizen helps you to keep a track of your health records and easily share them with your doctor without a hassle of actually going to him. Its not only about sharing your reports with the doctor without visiting it, it is also a safety for your reports and a track record of your health.

Showcase of Skyscape by Makarand Karkare, India Head, Skyscape
This was pretty interesting. Imagine – A phone/computer software which had all the information which was in a medical book. If you have seen a medical book, its consists of 100’s of pages! You need to dig through pages to confirm the medication for your the patient or if you need to refer to something. But Skyscape gets the same book on your finger tips! The software costs the same amount as the book and has the content of the the latest version of the book. Within less than 5 seconds you can have the details about a particular diseases, infection etc just by searching for it. They were actually books converted into softwares!

Talk on Opportunities and Trends in small businesses in Healthcare Industry by Dilip Patil, MD, Cryos International
I shouldn’t be talking about this on my blog lol.. But a little bit of brief would be good enough. He shared his story of being an entrepreneur. He went ahead with some s**** bank stuff yadda yadda! I din’t pay much attention on this. Then he came onto paying your taxes. Quote “If you pay peanuts your going to get monkeys” OMG! People were in a slipt! lol .. I had his question in my about “Could we make money by selling out s*****?” and when his talk was over, someone came up with this question! Yup.. You can actually make money by selling your s*****!! Cryos pays you Rs 500 (roughly $10) per donation! Not bad eh?! 😉 Ok, enough said. I don’t think I should go ahead with this lol

Over all we had a good time! I met Netra, Harish, Freeman (twitter handle), Nishit, Ken, Eklayava, Ankita, Vivek, Annkur, Rajveer and Ankur Mahatma, Prolificd(Twitter Handle), Takkar, Moksh, Arpit, Chhavi, Kristopher, Aditi and Shakti. Phew! Thats a long list of names, I’m glad I remember them.. though almost all! 🙂

The next Startup Saturday is on the 11th of April 2009. It’s a special Startup Saturday and you should attend it! Check out the details on: StartupSaturday.in

Peace out!

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  1. Johnson
    June 10, 2009
    2:11 pm #comment-1

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  2. Johnson
    June 10, 2009
    2:13 pm #comment-2

    It’s to be known to some more people…

  3. Monty
    June 11, 2009
    5:32 am #comment-3

    Hey! I have no idea. Please check with their website 🙂

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