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We have more room now!

By Mohnish On November 22, 2008 9 Comments

Sensonize.com is growing really fast! With over 4,000 visitors/day and 10,000 page views it won’t take us long to be in the top blog list ! 😀

Ive made a special box on the right side called – “Sponsored Ads Bag”. This bag is basically an ad rotation system which will have 30 ads MAX showing different ads to the visitor on every refresh.. hows that? 😉 This Sponsored Ads Bag is like the shared hosting environment where 100’s of sites are hosted on one server and it costs much cheaper 😉 If you book 1 ad spot in that bag it would cost you as low as $10/month!

The Sponsored Ads remains the same, it won’t change on every refresh and your banner will remain there for 30 days for as low as $1/day*

We have a new spot on the top – 468×60. Complete 30 day exposure of your ad for as low as $1.7/day*. You can get all the attention right on the top of the blog.. and it isn’t even expensive 😉

What else do we have? We have reviews! Get your site reviewed for as low as $15! 😉 You can book an adspot here

This is for our sponsors, I have something for our readers 😉 – Sensonize.com is 100% DO FOLLOW now. I have added the Top Commentators widget so that my active commentators and readers get some love in return of their time spent on site 😉 – This is 100% Free ! 🙂 and yes, also keep an eye on the sponsored bag because there are some special discount banners in them 😉

I have loads more to come.. a new logo, contests and goodies 😉 Thanks for reading at Sensonize.com – Do subscribe to my RSS and leave your suggestions/opinions behind. Thanks! 🙂

How NOT to Ask for Sponsorship or Advertising: 6 Deadly Mistakes

By Mohnish On October 16, 2008 1 Comment

1. Not using the name of the person. If you want to get someone’s attention, you must make sure that you will address him or her by the name. When people start their email with “Hi Daniel” I will make sure to read it and give it enough attention, cause I know at least that the person on the other side knows who I am.

2. Blatant ass kissing. If you are going to make a compliment, make sure it is genuine. If it is clear that you are just saying that to please the person you are asking something, it will do more harm than good.

3. Crap writing. When you write emails to your friends or relatives, I guess you could be informal and not pay too much attention to grammar and punctuation. If you are writing to a potential sponsor, however, you want to make sure that your message is perfectly readable. Capital letters to start a sentence and spaces are the very minimum you wanna go with….

4. No link or URL. So you want me to sponsor your blog eh? That is all right, but what is your blog? Give me the link, or I will sure not sweat myself in Google trying to find it by searching for your name.

5. No explanation of what I have to gain. We got be frank here, there is no charity going on around the Internet (well perhaps some, but you get my point). People will just sponsor your contest or website if they have something to gain out of it. It is in your best interests therefore to make this part as clear as possible!

6. No explanation of how the contest is structured. You also need to explain how the contest is going to work. Some people might not want to get involved with certain practices (i.e. blackhat or affiliate marketing).

There you go. If you want to get someone to sponsor or advertise on your blog, try to avoid those 6 deadly mistakes.

Source: DailyBlogTips.com