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Posts Tagged ‘Big Mistakes Made in Affiliate Marketing’

Big Mistakes Made in Affiliate Marketing

By Mohnish On June 2, 2009 16 Comments

You must have heard about the positive things about affiliate marketing. But do you know the negative side of it? There are a few things that can kill your affiliate marketing website before you started. Here are a few tips that you should take care of while running a affiliate website:

1) Do not pick up a dead product
One thing you have to make sure is that you do not pick up a dead product. No one buys a dead product no matter how cheap it is. Today, If I compare the Apple iPhone with some cheap ePhone (just for the sake of naming it), I won’t get any sales. Why? I won’t get any sales before the product is dead. There is no/less demand for the ePhone compared to the iPhone. Since the ePhone is cheaper than the iPhone, I won’t even get a good affiliate commission. (You might get a good affiliate commission but not always)

2) Too many products of the same category
People won’t buy the product via your website if there are too many of them with the same category. If I’m listing web hosting offers, they should be to the point and simple. They should be compared in such a format that even a newbie would understand which product you’re trying to promote more (of course the one with more affiliate commission! 😉 ). Simple yet important rule: Keep it simple.

3) Knowing your keywords
Many people don’t take the advantage of the free marketing tools available on the internet. Use these tools and get the best keywords. Add them in you’re title/meta tags and see the results.

4) Quitting too early
Alright, so it’s been 2 months and you have no sales. So what do you do? No! Don’t quit! It’s only been 2 months!!! It’s been about a year for Sensonize.com and it just started making money with the affiliate ads. Wait for as much as you can. Keep working. Add new features/content to your website/blog everyday and see the results for yourself!

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. My next post would be about the things new bloggers should keep in mind when they start blogging. Do subscribe to my blog to stay notified about upcoming posts.