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Posts Tagged ‘Blogging Idol 2’

Blogging Idol 2 Winner Declared

By Mohnish On December 2, 2008 No Comments

Daniel today announced the winner of Blogging Idol 2, Daily Blog Tips recent blog competition which had over $4,500 in prize money up for grabs.

The winners were :

  1. Happy Schools Blog
  2. Suzanne Franco
  3. Tofugu

Suzanne Franco was incredibly unlucky not to take first place. Suzanne managed to tie first place with 3 points however the rules stipulated that in the event of a tie breaker the winner would be the blog with the largest RSS subscriber gain and over the 4 weeks Happy Schools Blog went from 1468 subscribers to 2692.

My commiserations go to Suzanne but I’m sure her second prize of an annual subscription to Trackur and $300 in text links will cheer her up. Also, congratulations to Happy Schools Blog as well, a 1000+ increase in subscribers in 4 weeks is no easy feat :)

Link : Blogging Idol 2: We Have A Winner