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Posts Tagged ‘Blogging’

How to Build A Successful Blog to Make Money

By Mohnish On August 6, 2009 16 Comments

This Guest Post had been written by Darilin. Dalirin is a blogger that likes writing about how to make  money online at Blogsnd.

If you plan to make money online by blogging, you should plan of treating your blog as a business. In a business, you have to take your business seriously or else it would close down. So just as a business, you should strive to build your blog to reach a successful level.

How can you do that (build a successful blog)? You can build the blog by

1. Writing Good Content – People read blogs because they want to gain new knowledge or to understand something. With good content, you are guaranteed to get repeated readers. Some of the repeated readers would help your blog to go viral. Good content is when a blog has posts that are readable and well articulated. This would help to boost your credibility.

2. Be Opinionated – This is the reason why people read your blog. There are many blogs in the blogosphere, how can you stand out from them. Give your opinions in your posts. Don’t just report a news in your blog post, make the voice to be in your blog post.

3. Allow Comments – Comments would allow your readers to leave their opinion about you. There would be good and bad comments. If the good comments is more than the bad comments, then you are on the right path on having a successful blog. If you want to improve your blog reputation to the people leaving the bad comment, you should read their comments carefully and analyze if the problem is from you or from them

4. Reply to Comments – You might think that you were well articulated in the blog post, but you were not. You mistakenly missed some points or steps because you assumed that your blog readers know it already. Somebody might be new to the topic and leave a question in the comment. When you reply to the comment, you would help the reader to understand what you meant.

5. Allow Post Ratings – This would help you to know what type of post that your readers like to read, so that you can write more about that topics in the future. Remember, your readers are reading your blog because they like your content.

6. Being Contactable – Let your readers be able to contact you. Some of your readers might be potential advertisers. If they cannot contact you personally, you might be missing out.

7. Be Credible – If you have a good credibility, you would be the person that people would run up to get either advise. Your credibility doesn’t only depend on your content, it depends on what you promote. If you promote products that people have classified to be spam, this would hurt your credibility.

Creating your blog under $100 investment

By Mohnish On June 4, 2009 25 Comments

Want to create your blog in an investment of less than $100 a year? Why not? If you calculate, that comes up to an investment of less than 30 cents a day*! It really isn’t that expensive if you see. Only a small investment of $100 a year and the return could be rewarding. You need 3 basic things to get started with your professional blog: Domain, Web Hosting and a Design.

1) Grab a domain name for less than $10!

The 1st thing you need is a domain name to give your blog a professional look. Those long-and-boring blogspot/wordpress.com names really don’t look good. I recommend getting your domains from Name.com

Price: $8.99 a year!

2) Get a cheap web hosting plan

You don’t need much for the start. Just a simple web hosting plan with 100 MB space and 10 GB Bandwidth is enough for your blog to grow. I recommend getting your web hosting package from Limespace.net

Price: $35 a year or $2.95 per month!

3) Get a professional design

Be apart from the crowd. Get a professional WordPress theme for less than $30 (Oh yeah!). This may sound impossible but it is true. A highly professional wordpress theme for less than $30 (one time)! I recommend ThemesForest.Net

Price: $30 (One time)

Alright, let’s add all this up: $8.99 + $35 + $30 = $73.99. About $74. However, also note that the Theme investment is only one time. So that means you can run your blog in a professional way for less than $45 a year ($44 to be precise)!!! You still have $26 left. That’s exactly how much you need to advertise your blog on Sensonize.com for 30 days to get kick started! 😉

Evil ways to get comments

By Mohnish On February 16, 2009 12 Comments

I’m so fed up waiting for comments that I’ve now decided to do it the ‘Evil’ way. I have tried all the ways to get comments from visitors but its been a big FAIL. For those who are not evil like me, you can see my previous blog post about getting comments the legit way.

Buy the comments
You can pay people to comment on your blog or dangle the carrot in front of them with a reply contest. I hosted a contest on Sensonize.com when it was new and easily got 20 comments 😉

The main problem with a reply to contest is it only generates comments to one post. It looks very strange to see one post with a bunch of comments and the rest with none. The solution would be to give commentators additional entries if they leave a comment in another post.

Make a commenting gang/group
For all those who yet don’t know about this, join digg! On Digg and many social networking websites friends/users make a group to Digg/Fav/Stumble etc each others submitted links which is amazingly the best way to get up.

Be Your Own Top Commentator
If all else fail then it’s time for you to be the top commentator. Make up an alias and reply to your own post. Now you may think this is dishonest but in marketing, perception is everything and the perception is a blog without any comments is not a happening blog.

I’ve seen blog posts where the blogger asked a question from his readers. A couple of days later I got back and there’s zero comments to the question. That does not look good. If you are going to ask a question from your readership and there’s no reply, then answer it yourself with an alias. Having one comment on there is better than having none. That one comment may be all that’s needed to get the comment ball rolling. If you’re really evil, you’ll set up a bunch of aliases and really make the blog come to life. Remember, perception is everything.

Being Evil is not bad! 👿

How do bloggers make money?

By Mohnish On January 1, 2009 4 Comments

So we have a question before us.. How do bloggers make money?
Today, Bloggers like John Chow, Tyler Cruz, Darren Rowse, ShoeMoney make a full time living only by blogging!! Even if tomorrow they don’t have their blogs or they just sell them off they will STILL make a 5 figure income. How? I will tell you later on in this post 😉

5 ways to make money blogging…

1) Sell Adspace on your blog
Nearly all the bloggers sell adspace on their blog.. It gets them a good amount if they have a good amount of subscribers/readers.
Pricing: 50-500 Readers = $15-20 would be a good amount for each 125×125 block.

2) Paid Reviews
This is an amazing way to make money. You can make from $5 – $500/ review if your niche is good and your blog has a decent number of subscribers. SponsoredReviews.com is the perfect place for upcoming bloggers.
Pricing: 50-500 Subscribers = $5-$30

3) Link Sales
I do not personally support link sales since it effects your Page Rank. Sensonize.com doesn’t sell any links nor buys!. But this is just another way to make money blogging.
Pricing: $5-$500 (Depending on location of the link)

4) Affiliate Sales and Marketing
This is a juicy one.. You can make unlimited cash by doing affiliate marketing!
Depends on the product and niche. Can range from $5 – $xxx per sale.

5) Selling Products and Services
You can sell products or offer your services. This depends on your knowledge and your visitors. If you have a programming niche and you offer PHP and coding services you could make loads of cash!
Pricing: $10-$xxxx depends on the job and your product or service.

There might be more ways.. I guess my knowledge is limited to the above 5 ways which I could think of right now.

I mentioned above that if ProBloggers like Jhon Chow, Tyler Cruz, Darren Rowse and ShoeMoney close down they would still make a 5 figure income.
Now lets face it.. John and Tyler(as far as I know) are into affiliates more than blogging.. So what does this mean? Well.. an affiliate means you get commission on every renewal of the product sale you made + sale of products + your referrals and their earnings. Today, virtual products like Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, E books, Services etc are HOT PRODUCTS! Even if you close down your website tomorrow you will continue receiving commissions on your previous sales. Their income might cut down by almost 50% but still.. $15k+/month for John Chow is enough for a good living and without working! Affiliate Marketing rocks if your good at it and sucks if you don’t have the patience to make sales.

Tip: If you have a decent amount of readers(750+) you can run an affiliate contest with prizes! You will get some % of their earnings so it isn’t difficult for you to sponsor the prizes. Also make sure you have a condition that the participant must make a blog post about your contest and must link back. This should get your contest streaming fast! 😉

I guess this is it.. My knowledge on how to make money blogging is limited to this extent.. If I find something new, I would surely add it 🙂 Make sure you subscribe to the blog to get an email notification about my next articles which would be on Affiliate Marketing and Making Money by doing Paid Reviews. Happy New Year! 😀

7 ways to encourage your readers to comment on your blog

By Mohnish On November 20, 2008 17 Comments

Your going on making blog posts.. but who is really reading them? If your readers do not comment on your blog, you could probably use the following ways to encourage them to comment:

1) The 1st thing is to ask your readers to comment. Ask your readers to give their suggestions/opinions on how to make your blog better. Trust me, this helps! 😉

2) Run contests? You could probably run a small contest with a $10 prize for a week for the top commentator of your blog. But don’t expect them to come back.. If your running a contest and giving out an ebook or maybe a T-Shirt with your blogs logo on it? That would be better, I suppose.

3) You could probably comment 1st – “I forgot to mention…”

4) Making your blog DO FOLLOW is a good way to encourage your readers to comment 🙂

5) Adding the top commentators widget on the sidebar is another amazing way of getting comments on your blog. This encourages the readers to get a free back link on every page of your blog(just like the blogroll) without spending a dime 😉

6) Quality content speaks!

If your posting videos, make sure you do something funny or ask a question before ending the video. That gives your readers another reason to comment 😀

Inspiration: InfectedbyBugs.com

Thanks for reading at Sensonize.com – Do leave your comments and suggestions behind 🙂