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Posts Tagged ‘Bot Chat Script’

Freebie : iGod Artificial Intelligence Chat Script Download

By Mohnish On October 16, 2008 3 Comments

This is best script that I have ever seen! This actually a non profit script and you really wouldn’t earn more than $10-$20/month if your placing a 768×90 banner at the bottom. If you would like to  earn more, add a 120×600 banner on the left side 😉 Back to the script, ZERO LOAD on the server even if there are 1,000+ users online.A small 65 kb Flash and PHP script combine 😀 If you go and buy this script, it would cost you aprox $50 and $150 with resale rights. I have the resale rights on the script and i’m giving it out for free! 🙂 Use it wisely ! 🙂 Please keep the footer links! 🙂 Have Fun!

Demo: Sorry not available, just 65 kb in size. Upload and test it yourself 😉