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Posts Tagged ‘BSNL’

Rapidshare.com removes ban from BSNL ISP

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 1 Comment

This is the LATEST UPDATE!
Just 5 mins ago Rapidshare.com has removed the ban from BSNL ISP.
I don’t know if its removed forever or its just a temporary unban just to test their new servers ! 😉
Maybe they are in talks with BSNL to limit the MegaBytes of downloads/day from Rapidshare.
BSNL has limited the download to 1.25 GB/Day and after 12 Midnight its Unlimited. Price remains the same – Rs 1,000/$25(Inclusive Taxes and ADSL Rental). Hope this 1.25 GB Limit avoids another 1 week ban! 🙁

Rapidshare.com bans BSNL IP

By Mohnish On August 4, 2008 1 Comment

This is really sad!
Rapidshare.com has banned BSNL ISP IP due to exploit.
Reason: According to me, BSNL is the CHEAPEST Boardband WORLDWIDE!
For about $20-$25 it gives ADSL 2 MBPS Unlimited Line(Which is DAMN Cheap!)
A 2 MBPS DSL line where most of the warez are downloaded and uploaded? Dangerous!
According to a survey – Approx 500,000 GB+ is Downloaded every month via BSNL IP.

Bad news for BSNL users ! 🙁
But what about Premium Users?
Lets just hope Rapidshare unbans BSNL IP