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Sensonize.com Contest – Prizes worth $200!

By Mohnish On November 1, 2008 21 Comments

The Contest is here! I promised to make it big as possible and here is it ! 😉
I emailed TmzHosting and a few other companies but so far I have got sponsorship from:

TmzHosting.com – 2 Hosting Accounts x 5 months each = $55
Sensonize.com – 1 month on site banner 125×125 + 2 Reviews  = $90
Tooler.info – 1 year FileHostMe Premium Account + 1 Month Rapidshare Services  = $70

Total Sponsorship so far = $200

How to participate in our contest?
Our contest is pretty simple,
– No Entry Fee and No “Lucky Draw” Type Contest
You get what you work for 😉

What do you have to do?
You simply need to collect points which will be added to your total points.

How do you get points?
You will get “x” points for each task which will help you win this contest:

5 points to sign up on the blog
2 points to comment on the contest article
1 point(s) to comment to comment on any other article (Link(s) will be needed)**
2 point to stumble/digg any other article(s) (Link(s) will be needed)**
10 points to post on your blog about our contest (Link will be needed)
5 points to digg(Share + Comment + Digg) this article (Link/SS will be needed)
5 points to stumble(Stumble + Review) this article (Link/SS will be needed)
10 points to subscribe to our RSS and eMail (Email Address will be needed)
5 points to Stumble and Digg each of our sponsors = 20 Points for all (SS/Link will be needed)
20 points to order anything from our sponsors – 20 Points on each order (SS will be needed)

You need atleast 25 points to qualify. Once you have 25 points, send an email to sensonize@gmail.com with Subject as “Contest Points” and send your name/username in which you have completed 25 points.

First Prize:
1 TmzHosting Account for 5 months = $27.50
1 Month on site 125×125 Banner + 1 Review = $40
Total: $67.50

Second Prize:
1 TmzHosting Basic Account for 5 Months = $27.50
1 Review on Sensonize.com = $25
1 Month Rapidshare Services Tooler.info  = $10
Total: $62.50

Third Prize:
300 days FileHostMe Premium Account = $60 when purchased for a year

To get you started:
Sign up on the blog + comment on this article and get 7 points 😉

Contest Ends 25th November 2008. Results will be announced by 30th November 2008.
If you would still like to sponsor us, Email us @ sensonize@gmail.com

A special thanks to TmzHosting, Rapid-Bux.com and Tooler.info.

Good Luck !

*Incase there is a tie of points, one of the winners would have to buy something from our sponsors to win the prize.
** Maximum number of5
***Minimum 10 qualified users needed