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Posts Tagged ‘Creating your blog under $100 investment’

Creating your blog under $100 investment

By Mohnish On June 4, 2009 25 Comments

Want to create your blog in an investment of less than $100 a year? Why not? If you calculate, that comes up to an investment of less than 30 cents a day*! It really isn’t that expensive if you see. Only a small investment of $100 a year and the return could be rewarding. You need 3 basic things to get started with your professional blog: Domain, Web Hosting and a Design.

1) Grab a domain name for less than $10!

The 1st thing you need is a domain name to give your blog a professional look. Those long-and-boring blogspot/wordpress.com names really don’t look good. I recommend getting your domains from Name.com

Price: $8.99 a year!

2) Get a cheap web hosting plan

You don’t need much for the start. Just a simple web hosting plan with 100 MB space and 10 GB Bandwidth is enough for your blog to grow. I recommend getting your web hosting package from Limespace.net

Price: $35 a year or $2.95 per month!

3) Get a professional design

Be apart from the crowd. Get a professional WordPress theme for less than $30 (Oh yeah!). This may sound impossible but it is true. A highly professional wordpress theme for less than $30 (one time)! I recommend ThemesForest.Net

Price: $30 (One time)

Alright, let’s add all this up: $8.99 + $35 + $30 = $73.99. About $74. However, also note that the Theme investment is only one time. So that means you can run your blog in a professional way for less than $45 a year ($44 to be precise)!!! You still have $26 left. That’s exactly how much you need to advertise your blog on Sensonize.com for 30 days to get kick started! 😉