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Good Adbrite Paying Keywords

By Mohnish On March 23, 2009 40 Comments

When I give these keywords out for free, people think I’m crazy. If you see around Sensonize.com, the Adbrite ads are loaded with the highest paying keywords and make money online ads. I make around $40-50/month from these ads and there is no one buying them. The best thing is, these ads come on their own and I don’t need to approach any advertiser or any advertiser needs to approach me. I just set 8-10 keywords and if Adbrite finds a suitable advertiser for me, it automatically displays those ads.

These keywords are awesome, they generate $0.11 to $2.26 per click for me. I don’t know if these are the highest paying keywords for Adbrite but I’m sure they are definitely the top 25 keywords. First, let me make it clear, Adult keywords do not make you any extra money in Adbrite. Adult keywords just throw you to their other network – BlackLabelAds. (Tip: If you use these keywords in Adsense, except a minimum $2/click)

I have got many emails asking me for these keywords and how does Adbrite always display the ads on my website and there is never an “Advertise on this website – Powered by Adbrite” page.  Its simple, I know my keywords very well 🙂

My suggestion to you here would be to pick atleast 10 keywords that match with your website. You can choose the highest paying keywords and make more money or choose the keywords which you think your reader/viewers would like to see/click. It means the same thing – More clicks = More money.

The keywords which I choose are:

affiliate marketing
make money online
web hosting

You can always try your own keywords. It is not necessary go with the ones which I suggest, but if you do, you are atleast making $0.20/click. Not bad to make money with Adbrite eh? 😉 These are good keywords if you have been banned by Adsense and want to make the same click ratio again.

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