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Posts Tagged ‘Google’

Google+ – I ‘LIKE’!

By Mohnish On July 5, 2011 1 Comment

Google recently opened the Beta version of it’s Google+ to a limited number of people. This version of Google+ can be accessed only by a limited number of users who are invited by their friends on Google Plus. It’s very easy to get invited to Google Plus, all you need is to ask a friend who is already on Google+ to invite you to it. (You could ask me for an invite!)

I’ve been playing around with Google+ lately. What I have noticed is that it is the cleaner version of Facebook which is much more lighter and faster. Facebook on the other hand got really clutter after it’s redesign. Also, if you still don’t know, Facebook has tied up with Skype and will be launching video chat on Facebook shortly – i.e more clutter on the design part. Google Plus Beta comes with in built Google Talk which already has the video calling! which is again, very neat!

Are you on Google+ yet? If yes, let me know about what you think about it. Also, if you would like an invite or want to connect on G+, you can contact me!

Get a free PR 10 back link

By Mohnish On June 7, 2009 141 Comments

I ain’t kidding about this! You can get a free PR 10 backlink at no cost! and guess where does the link comes from? The same place where Page Rank does – Google.com!

First of all, let me clarify that this isn’t black hat or illegal. This is a plain simple way of getting a PR 10 backlink, just like you get a back link normally.

Have you heard about Google Profiles? Yes the service which allows you to create a web page with your details. Guess what? It also allows you to add a do follow link! This can’t get any better!  I’m not sure if Google yet knows about this, but you can definitely take the benefit of this till then 😉

Steps to get a PR 10 back link

  1. Get a Google account (skip if you already have one)
  2. Create your Google profile
  3. Add a url to your profile

Done! You now have a backlink from a PR 10 website, Google.com. The benefit of this is, whether your have other websites linking to you or not, you will definitely have a PR1+ rank for sure! 😉

PR Updated! 31st December 2008

By Mohnish On December 31, 2008 10 Comments

My prediction was so damn right! haha.. I was expecting this update in the last week of December 2008 and its here.. FINALLY!! But I’m a bit dissapointed but not really as dissapointed as I am happy.. 😀 Sensonize.com has finally got a PR!! Well.. Its only PR1 and way below my prediction of a PR3.

Why din’t Sensonize.com get PR3?
I must admit that I was very over confident about it.. and I’m not really broke..(Thank god I din’t bet! lol) Okay.. I was over confident seeing the google.com results for “Sensonize.com” about 3-4 days back which are about 4,540! Maybe I started link building late? Or maybe I din’t use forums like WebTalkForums and DigitalPoint Forums to gain back links like others do.. <– So here is my very first mistake.

My second mistake was that I made comments on new blogs which have NO PR or Alexa.. This din’t help me but did give me a link back, so if tomorrow those blogs have a higher PR.. I am surely gonna be benefitted! <– My second mistake but not really one.

Third – I wasn’t even sure what a PR is about a month back until I read articles and understood that PR isn’t a piece of cake! You need to build links VERY SERIOUSLY! You need to submit your website/blog to directories, RSS Readers, Do Link Exchange, Comment on blogs etc etc.. I did all this, but started doing this about 15-20 days back.. and I increase the Google results of “Sensonize.com” from 900 to 4500+ 😀 <– Not a mistake.. but a lesson.. Do not be lazy! lol

Blogs that I read and their updates:
(OMG.. Awesome, isn’t it?)
(Way to go, Kevin 😉 )
(Great going kid! He’s only 15 😀 )
Infectedbybugs.com PR4
(From PR3 to PR4.. Not bad bug boy 😉 )
SuzanneFranco.comPR3 (Whoa! Digging her way up!)
StandOutBlogger.comPR3 (Great going, Tom!)
(OMG.. Little Jhonny needs to work hard(er)!)
(Not bad huh?)

I read many other blogs but these are the ones which I regularly read and comment on 🙂

I wasn’t really dissapointed but not happy either.. Enjoy Google’s New Year Gift Webmasters! Do post about your PR update.. Post some tips like how do you build links and get back links etc..

Happy New Year!

Google Friend Connect Review

By Mohnish On December 8, 2008 2 Comments

Many of you’ll must have heard about it… Its just like MyBlogLog but looks like a ‘bit’ advanced. After reading about it on SuzanneFranco.com I thought about giving it a try. I wasn’t ‘impressed’ though as it isn’t anything ‘new’. I would say just a copy of MyBlogLog with a touch of Google. Lets just wait for Google to add more features and widgets to make it better 😀

Let me talk about what it has rather than what it doesn’t 😛 . It has the following widgets: Community, Wall, Review/Rate Page and many more coming soon. So basically this is the combination of Widgets and Google. Its fast, customizable, light and simple! You can also sign in using your Gmail, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account. Google Friend Connect also helps you to get connected with your readers. Features like Connecting with Digg, Stumble ,Facebook and other Social Networking site friends, Inviting your friends etc also come along 😉 . I would suggest you to visit google.com/friendconnect to know more. Ive added the community widget at the bottom, feel free to test it and join me 🙂

I would also like to read your comments and feedback about Google Friend Connect. Is it good? Is it bad? Or Google is just a wannabe? Send me your comments, feedback, love and money @ Sensonize.com 😉

Here is the Official Google Friend Connect video:

Still in BETA*

How was the Chrome logo made?

By Mohnish On November 17, 2008 3 Comments

Okay.. I was just stumbling around and I have found something interesting 😉 Well.. I’m adding a new section to the blog today seeing the recent response to the previous article which was suppose to be a serious post but became funny lol.. I won’t blog anything which isn’t related to the blog.. so even the Just for fun section will have a touch of “WWW” 😉 . Back to the topic – How was the Chrome logo made?

Source: BestViral

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