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Get Free Back Links… Go Link Building!

By Mohnish On November 20, 2008 20 Comments

I’m happy today and I’m gonna spread some love 🙂 Sensonize.com is now 100% DO FOLLOW! Your comments will now get listed by google and other search engines. I promise on the next PR Update, Sensonize.com will achive atleast PR1 – According to my calculations and back links of Sensonize on other blogs/websites it should achive PR3 on the next PR Update 🙂 .

The Top Commentors Widget has also been made DO FOLLOW. Now what does this mean? Well.. If your a regular reader and commentator of the blog you could probably get a free DO FOLLOW backlink to your blog/website! Its basically like the blogroll but FREE and doesn’t need anything in exchange 🙂 . Top Commentator reminds me of Recent Comments.. They are also DO FOLLOW FREE! Get a temporary back link on more than 700 pages 😉 The older your comments are on the blog the faster they get listed on the next PR Update 🙂 Comment more to get listed faster ! So far google has listed about 700 pages of Sensonize.com.. so if your in the top commentors list, you get listed on EVERY PAGE of Sensonize.com + listed by google 😀 So what are you waiting for? Get commenting! 😉

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