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Posts Tagged ‘make money online’

Make Money Online with YouTube

By Mohnish On November 22, 2009 42 Comments

Youtube — The most popular video hosting service on the internet. Many people have already taken benefit of it’s popularity and have shown their talents to the world. Many businesses who use Youtube to increase their market reach. Many talented individuals have made their names in the Music industry by just posting a video on Youtube. Here are 6 ways to make money from Youtube:

1. Video Units. This is the easiest way to make money online with Youtube. All you need to do is login to your Adsense account and link it with your Youtube account. Then customize the videos and

2. Run affiliate ads on YouTube videos. You can place links on your videos or put them in the description. I’m sure you have seen those floating links on videos.

3. Provide regular quality video content. Perhaps, you can become a ‘premium’ publisher and Google will split ad revenues with you.

4. Start a video blog or site that features various YouTube content. These blogs and sites can be anything from cute animal videos to craft tutorials. Then, run relevant ads and affiliate programmes on your blog or site.

5. Accept direct ads on your YouTube content. If you upload your own videos on a regular basis and you have a decent following, you might want to accept ads on your videos.

6. Enrich your sales using YouTube videos. If you sell an item on an online shop and you are able to compliment your listings with YouTube videos, then it will be useful. Also, you can link to your sales page on your YouTube. This might help bring video viewers to visit your sales page.

So, do you use YouTube at all in your online business? Can you think of other ways to use YouTube videos to help you to make money online?

Making Money Online with Twitter

By Mohnish On October 31, 2009 15 Comments

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Remember the time when people said how dumb Twitter was? Not anymore…Twitter can now generate huge revenue for you. I mean really HUGE! This month, Shoemoney made over $15,000 from Twitter with his 73,979 followers. Mind you, he is still a small fish in the Twitter world.

I have about 5,500 followers growing rapidly and I have made $30 in the past week from SponsoredTweets. Not much, I know. But still it’s a good amount to start off with 🙂 Imagine, $30 for sending only ‘1’ tweet out! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

Join SponsoredTweets and start making money online! Signing up is free, and the returns could be rewarding! The ads are neat unlike Magpie which sends ads like ‘CAT FOOD – WISKAS, HOW DO YOU HANDLE YOUR FAX?’ etc..

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You can also read my other articles about how to make money online with Twitter:  My first Magpie payout, Make Money with Twitter (Magpie)

P.S You can get banned from Twitter search if you continuously tweet the same ads out. Be careful while tweeting the links and only tweet them once a day. Follow me on Twitter – @sensonize

Happy Halloween! 👿

5 Ways For Teens To Make Money Online

By Mohnish On September 4, 2009 26 Comments

Teens are always looking for make some extra cash for clothes, video games, gadgets etc. In order to buy these things, teens need cash in their wallets. Teens need money. Here are 5 ways teens can make some extra cash online.

1. Blogging – Blogging can be a great way for teens to make money because teens usually have lots of hobbies. Why not blog about them. Blogging requires a lot of work at the start but eventually gets easier. People earn money with blogs mostly through ads so in order to be successful you will need to have a blog with a good amount of traffic.

2. Writing Articles – Teens can make money with article directories like Ehow and Associated Content. Whenever you write an article with these sites, you get paid based on the number of times that article is viewed.

3. Mechanical Turk – This site was created by Amazon and pays you to complete tasks that computers can’t do. These include finding information about businesses and writing short essays. Teens are usually pretty good at surfing the web for info so this is a great opportunity for them.

4. Affiliate Marketing – Teens can make money promoting other people’s products. Sites like ClickBank will pay you a commission when someone buys a product using your link. Another thing is that teens have lots of experience with social networking sites which gives them a way to promote and be successful.

5. Paid Surveys – There are sites out there that need teens opinions on products. They are willing to pay them for their opinions. Teens can make a good amount of money with survey sites. They are easy to do and most sites usually send the earnings by check which is great for teenagers under 18.

How to Build A Successful Blog to Make Money

By Mohnish On August 6, 2009 16 Comments

This Guest Post had been written by Darilin. Dalirin is a blogger that likes writing about how to make  money online at Blogsnd.

If you plan to make money online by blogging, you should plan of treating your blog as a business. In a business, you have to take your business seriously or else it would close down. So just as a business, you should strive to build your blog to reach a successful level.

How can you do that (build a successful blog)? You can build the blog by

1. Writing Good Content – People read blogs because they want to gain new knowledge or to understand something. With good content, you are guaranteed to get repeated readers. Some of the repeated readers would help your blog to go viral. Good content is when a blog has posts that are readable and well articulated. This would help to boost your credibility.

2. Be Opinionated – This is the reason why people read your blog. There are many blogs in the blogosphere, how can you stand out from them. Give your opinions in your posts. Don’t just report a news in your blog post, make the voice to be in your blog post.

3. Allow Comments – Comments would allow your readers to leave their opinion about you. There would be good and bad comments. If the good comments is more than the bad comments, then you are on the right path on having a successful blog. If you want to improve your blog reputation to the people leaving the bad comment, you should read their comments carefully and analyze if the problem is from you or from them

4. Reply to Comments – You might think that you were well articulated in the blog post, but you were not. You mistakenly missed some points or steps because you assumed that your blog readers know it already. Somebody might be new to the topic and leave a question in the comment. When you reply to the comment, you would help the reader to understand what you meant.

5. Allow Post Ratings – This would help you to know what type of post that your readers like to read, so that you can write more about that topics in the future. Remember, your readers are reading your blog because they like your content.

6. Being Contactable – Let your readers be able to contact you. Some of your readers might be potential advertisers. If they cannot contact you personally, you might be missing out.

7. Be Credible – If you have a good credibility, you would be the person that people would run up to get either advise. Your credibility doesn’t only depend on your content, it depends on what you promote. If you promote products that people have classified to be spam, this would hurt your credibility.

Do You Want to Create a “Make Money Online” Blog?

By Mohnish On July 31, 2009 14 Comments

You probably have seen hundreds, if not thousands of them. There are thousands of “Make Money Online” blogs out there, and you’re reading one of them right now 😉 Bloggers seeing others earning thousands in this niche (or at least claiming to) jump into the niche without knowing anything to get a piece of the pie. But most of the people who follow this will fail in the long run.

Yesterday, I came across a post of Yaro Starak. He explains how this pattern unfolds:

Quotes from his blog:

1. You sell people products about and attempt to teach how to make money when you’ve never made money yourself.

2. You’re planning on chronicling your journey to make money through blogging and thus profit from the audience you build.

3. Believing that if you make enough blog posts promoting affiliate products eventually you have to strike it rich.

The point is, if you have an excellent way to make money online, then why are you selling it? You might have 100’s of posts on your blog, a readership of 1000’s. You’re making a good amount of money from your readers…then why sell your method?!

The logic is simple, If a person tells you he will ‘teach’ you how to make money online, it’s scam. No one can be thought for making money online. You need to learn it yourself! There are no ‘tutions’ or ‘classes’ for making money online. The products and out there. Weather you use Adsense, Clickbank or just work as a freelancer, you need to do it yourself!
Good luck!