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Posts Tagged ‘Paypal Limited’

Some Reasons why your PayPal account gets limited and how to avoid them

By Mohnish On August 12, 2008 No Comments

We have discussed mostly all of this, but I have gathered them together and given a solution to it, It really sucks when your paypal gets limited, read below for avoiding them..


  • Withdrawal Amount i.e Transferring huge amount of money in your bank/credit card or ordering a check with only $0 remaining
  • Using proxies and unsupported IP’s of other places
  • Many disputes/chargebacks and claims
  • Amount received from suspicious persons
  • Adding debit/credit cards which are not safe for use like VCC’s
  • Types of goods being sold in subject lineSending Payment and disputing it many timesMany unauthorized claimsIf you login from blacklisted IP AddressesIf you login from same IP in many accounts..

How to avoid Limitations:

  • If you have multiple accounts, try logging in from different IP address
  • Clear your browser cookies
  • Dont send big amount of money all of a sudden
  • dont move money from your 1st account to second and 2nd account to first
  • Don’t add many CC’s and Banks and remove them after verification
  • If paypal is not there in your country, try using an alternative instead of making a paypal account with other countries name
  • PayPal checks how much money you are transferring to the banks and credit cards, if you are not withdrawing much, they might suspect you
  • Do not withdraw whole amount of money and keep a balance of 0$, try keeping atleast $100-$150 in the account and withdraw the rest
  • Don’t recieve money from people whom you think are fishy
  • Try recieving money from Verified users
  • Don’t keep changing your profile details every now and then..

I hope these tips might prevent your PayPal limitation, I hope this helps..

I have been using paypal from 2 years, this is what is my experience, if you get any new ideas, do share with us 🙂