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Make Money Online with Paid Reviews

By Mohnish On March 3, 2009 4 Comments

I have been wanting to post sponsored reviews/paid posting since I started this blog but didn’t want my readers to think that that was going to be the focus of this blog. I have learned a lot about paid posting within this last year and hope to share some things that might help you become a better paid posting blogger.

About 2 years ago PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews launched and caused an upror in the blogging community. The words ’selling your souls’ were actually used to describe those getting paid to post. This startup company wasn’t the first to explore paid posting. Blogitive had been around for almost a year before PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews launched. Much of the controversy has died down due largely to the fact that most companies now require disclosure.

I joined SponsoredReviews about 3 months back and PayPerPost yesterday. So far, I have not posted any paid reviews on the blog, but I’m looking forward to review many websites/services and getting paid for doing it! Honestly, I had started Sensonize.com only for Reviews but a website needs content and that is only possible when a blogger chooses the perfect “Niche” for his/her blog. A niche has nothing to do with making more or less money, if you choose the niche you are interested in that is the best way to start making money online. Blogging about a niche you don’t know anything about would lead to an empty blog after some time or probably no income.

There were many reasons why I din’t Sensonize.com only a review blog. Some of them are listed below:

  • Paid posting focussed blogs have to post in order to get paid. As opposed to creating a content rich blog that can generate money even with out posting first.
  • Paid posting focussed blogs loose credibility. Even the readers that you have don’t really value the posts that are unsponsored if every other post is sponsored.
  • Paid posting focussed blogs don’t usually generate high traffic therefore loose passive income opportunities ( like Text-Link-Ads, Chitika and Kontera).
  • A paid posting focussed blog that has slowed down or is dead is less likely to generate income. Passive income sources like affiliate links can still generate an income through archived pages of content rich sites.
  • Paid posting focussed blogs looses the authors pride of ownership which in turn creates less quality non paid posting content.
  • Paid posting focussed blogs generally tend to take whatever offer they can get (especially with PayPerPost) which looses the ability to get paid from high paying offers. Advertisers will eventually realize that they could have paid $10 for the review they paid $50 for.

These are just some of the reason I chose to stop focusing on paid posting and start focusing on quality content. Creating a content rich blog takes more time to develop and generate traffic but in the long run will offer you more passive income and a sense of satisfaction. Sponsored posting can be an excellent source of income as well but should never be the focus of your blog.

You can start making money online by posting paid reviews. The best recommended sources to get advertisers would be SponsoredReviews and PayPerPost.

If you are looking for blogs to review your website/services, look below:
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